I just subMITted my app!!!!!!! YAY!!

I am going to do a celebratory dance around my house now. :p</p>

<p>Let's have a prospective-MITers party!! The Ivy League boards are totally outposting us, we should really have more MIT spirit. :D :p</p>

<p>how is submitting an application an event worthy of celebration? :D</p>

<p>I've been putting it off for months but I finally got it done!! :D
lol, obviously, it's not nearly that big of a deal when compared to getting accepted to school but still, it's taken so much weight off my shoulders.</p>

<p>now, it's time to apply everywhere else! :)</p>

<p>lol, yup but at least i can reuse my essay :p</p>

<p>oh it's a lame question, but does MIT(or else where) care if an applicant submit their application at the LAST MINUTE?? (plus MIT delayed their deadline.. so..) just curious if they might see last minute applicant as un-motivated or whatever</p>

<p>dreaming, I remember reading in the application MIT sent me snail mail that "it's ok to have your application post marked Nov 1". I assume it is the same for the extended deadline.</p>

<p>I, too, think <em>finally</em> submitting the application is worthy of celebration... Nothing left to do -- it's all in the 'Tute's hands now.</p>

<p>Also, after (hopefully/probably) taking my last SAT/SAT II today, I feel damn happy. That's also worthy of celebration :D</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>psquared, that is so immature of you. deriding someone who's happy about submitting an app and making the assumption that they're to be rejected? grow up. also, why would you even use that word in such a derogatory manner?</p>

<p>That really was immature psquared.</p>

<p>hi, what did psquared say?</p>

<p>psquared made a derogatory comment about homosexuals. Not cool.</p>

Nope, that's definitely not cool.</p>