I just took the Oct sat!


<p>never in my life will i ever have to sit another stupid 4 hr sat test.</p>

<p>But i think I did worse than in June 06 and May 05. But I dont really care hahaha - i hardly did prep for this since this one was my third.
Maths... why did it have to be so hard? my asianess just didnt do it for me today.
CR.. it was relatively easy
Writing.. ehh slightly hard but not really. The essay - I couldnt think of any historical content :(</p>

<p>Oh by the way, im intel. I guess the australians are in the middle of their exam right about now..</p>

<p>Good luck with the test everyone :)</p>

<p>Hope you do well to man. I am so excited. I studied Barrons 3500 so hard!!!!!!!! I am going to ace that CR. I hope we do well. Please DON'T INDULGE in telling us AT ALL what was on the test. I hate when hoards of people come onto these boards imploring others who took the test to reveal answers. DON'T DO IT. You risk losing your answers as well.</p>

<p>glad to hear the CR wasn't too bad</p>

<p>the essay was really that bad...? ERRRRR</p>

<p>math was hard? Better start studying. I just hope the essay wasnt another one about pop culture like last year.</p>

<p>Gyros, I didnt bother posting all the stuff because since I'm intel, I probably got the intel test or something like that - that happend in june - i couldnt compare my answers wit anyone else on cc because I had a different test to everyone else.
Guys dont take my 'overviews' too seriously because you guys are most likely not gonna get the same test. That's why I didnt want to post the essay question because I knew that people would be stressing hard if I did (.. you know, writing it out at home, memorising, etc..).
And for ME, it was pretty hard. But it's proabbly gonna be a piece of cake to most of you guys.</p>

<p>man, at least you're over with it!</p>

<p>i'm starting to get nervous for tomorrow... :(</p>

<p>same here! i am studying at this moment (haha, yes i did get a bit distracted).</p>

<p>arghh...i hope the test isn't too bad!</p>

<p>i'm not studying.</p>

<p>i'm just doing some light practice.</p>

<p>Do people in the U.S. get the same tests as international???</p>

<p>Tell me!</p>

<p>no. (to the question above)</p>

<p>Virtuoso, I'm not sure. In may 05, I got a test that was given out in the US and I was able to 'discuss' on cc. However, in june 06, hardly anyone got the same test as me and I had to discuss in the lame "intel sat discussion thread" lol.</p>

<p>However, the girl sitting next to me (today) had a different test to me but the majority of the people had the same test as me.
So yeah.. I'm not actually sure what's going on.</p>

<p>In how many hours are you guys taking it?</p>

<p>for me, in about 9 hours x_x</p>

<p>RAWWWWR. This was the hardest SAT I ever took.</p>

<p>I hate the fact I had an writing experimental T_T.</p>


<p>The essay -- absurd, I've seen the same prompt before in a prep book so I started writing right away.</p>

<p>CR -- I thought the SCs were hard (some of them). Generally, not too bad. I think I had -3 or so though (I had -1 in June).</p>

<p>Math -- easy, but not too easy. This is great because it's not so easy that I make a ton of careless errors, but not too hard so that it requires thinking.</p>

<p>Writing -- I HATE THE WRITING! RAWR RAWR. Writing experimental was a pain. I am pretty sure I have everything right in IS and PC, but the Error IDs killed, big time =(</p>

<p>I also just took the SAT. oasis, I know what you mean about that essay, I've definitely seen that prompt before too, but I didn't have anything prepared for it =( I think I still did all right...</p>

<p>Math seemed to be fine for me this time, I hope I'm right about that, I took the test again mainly to get my math score up. CR + Writing I found pretty breezey =)</p>

<p>Well, best of luck to everybody who still has to sit the test!</p>

<p>Couldn't agree more with you, Oasis. Oct SAT was T_____ T</p>

<p>It was kind of weird that the equating section was writing. By the way, which one of the 35-questions writing sections do you think is the equating section? Hope that is Section 3- I totally messed it up T____T</p>

<p>Wow oasis was it really the hardest sat you ever took?
It seems like I also had the same test as the majority of the people here, with the writing experimental...</p>

<p>YEAH , Section 3 was the experimental , my friend got writing and I got maths. Damn , being Asian didn't help me in the maths section and what the F*** is that essay topic.</p>

<p>Yeah, I took Jan 2006 and Jun 2006 before this.</p>

<p>Compared to Oct 2006, the June test seems like a joke...haha.</p>

<p>I liked Section 3 more than 6 tho...T_T. I couldn't figure out how many were 'no errors' in Sect. 6 =( blergh.</p>

<p>Hey Oasis , how did you do?
And don't you think the maths was a little too hard. I usually get 1-2 wrong but I don't know about this one.</p>