I just won a therapy pack! Have you ever won anything?

I just received a call from my chiropractor’s office! I entered her raffle and won this week’s prize! I know. She’s been helping me with my upper back and neck issues (with all of the sewing of masks).

I never win anything, so this was a nice surprise for my weekend-lotion, rice pack, massager, biofreeze, etc. Have any of you won anything? It would be interesting to see what people have won!

[Yes, I am aware that it can be a questionable occupation (Background: What I like about her is that she knows her limits and doesn’t claim to cure everything, and refers me back to my primary care when there are other health issues. ) I don’t like using painkillers and her therapy actually helps.)

Almost never but I remember we won some sort of educational electronic toy that my older son really loved which was a raffle for a children’s library. It’s funny how little I can remember about it besides we won - it was yellow and I think had science questions?

I donated a watercolor painting for the same event and it ended up selling for over $400 which was more than I’d ever gotten anyone to pay otherwise.

I won some champagne in a dance contest when we were at Grand Cayman, and won some rum cake during the same event, but I think it was a door prize kind of thing.
I won a free ticket on some airline that’s now defunct back in the 80s. (I can’t remember how I won it). It was a great prize, because I think my mom actually used it to fly for my wedding, and I think the trip I won it on was the same one where my luggage and my mom’s luggage was stolen from our rental car.

I took a survey from a retailer I bought something from once and won a $100 gift card. Retailer recently filed for bankruptcy and I had to place an online order for stuff I didn’t want or need just to redeem it before they closed for good. I donated items to a local charity so I am not sure I actually “won” anything.

In recent years, I’ve won a Tumi bag, an Amazon Tap, many gift cards including several $100+ gift cards, a fashion consult and personal shopper (gave that away), and I’m probably forgetting some things. I win things every now and again and most of the time I give them to my DD.

I remember playing monopoly. I won second prize in beauty contest. ?i

I have won numerous raffles. Of course when you win you are required to say “I never win anything!” :slight_smile:

Oh yeah… I won at the one and only time I played Handbag bingo. My package was Lily Pulitzer. It was actually an insulated beach bag I’ve used quite a few times, with a bunch of other stuff.

My son won a bike! I had given him a big speech about how he shouldn’t get his hopes up. LOL! I had to figure out how to transport the thing home.

I have a terrible memory for remembering things like this. I’m sure I have won a few things - nothing of huge value!

The one memory I have is being an older teen and I won a prize from a local clothing store. When I went to redeem the prize, it was men’s underwear. So actually, you could say I DIDN’T win!!!

@Lizardly he should of rode it home!

My daughter won a pre-prom package her senior year of high school. It was to encourage the kids to pay their $25 fee for the post prom, so whomever had paid by a certain date got their names in the pot. Her name was drawn, so she won a tux rental for her date, flowers for both, 2 free dinners at a local restaurant, and a mani/pedi.

Then she went to post prom and stayed all the way til the end at 6 am. The final prize was a drawing for a used car, donated by a local dealership. She won that, too! She drove it for 2-3 years then it blew up on her on the interstate.

$50 and a case a beer - singing karaoke in Australia.

In high school I won a 50-50 raffle ($40). Since then, I always say I never win anything. Then about 15 years ago in the same week I won an expensive knife at a supermarket raffle and I guessed the closest number of jelly beans at a street fair and won a $100 savings bond.

I have won several things at my local library (T-shirt, books, etc.). I enter everything they run and sometimes there are only a handful of entries, so the odds are in my favor.

When I was in 5th grade, I won a stuffed burro by guessing the number of jelly beans in a jar at a junior high fair. My brother, who was in 7th grade, had to carry it home the next week. I named it Beans and still have it.

A couple of years ago, I won one of the many door raffle prizes at a customer appreciation party that our Realtor threw every year. It was a set consisting of beach chair, umbrella, and giant towel.

I’m sure there have been other online prizes like small gift cards but can’t remember anything specific.

I bought a raffle ticket ($20) for a friend’s charity and won second prize - a $1,000 Visa gift card! I feel like that made up for many, many years of never winning anything.

I won 1/2 tuition at the school gala when they were in Kindergarten (about $2000 I think). Then my mom won it when they were in 4th grade and since my kids were the only ones at the school, I really won that too.

My kids/nephew have won things that I entered them in. Nephew won a video camera when they cost a lot. Daughter won golf clubs, I won a vcr from one of the Safeway contests.

A million years ago I won an AM radio call in. I remember distinctly that I was on our kitchen wall phone with the really really long cord stretched to the end of the hallway where I was dialing a million times. I won a transistor radio!!

The favorite things I won were merit and need based scholarships for college & law school when I was young and poor. I also won a door prize—2 nights and airfare for 2 for resort on Maui. At a raffle, won 2 night stay at 5* hotel on Oahu.

My S won a 29” color TV as a door prize. Thankfully he also won several merit based scholarships for college and tuition to take two college courses (tho he only took one). D won the grand prize raffle at a charity lunch, $100. I’ve “won” multiple silent auction items over the years.

Normally, yup, we don’t win. I am very grateful for the things we have won.

I won $100 in my office March Madness bracket back in 1995. I worked at a newspaper, so it was especially sweet because I beat the sports department lol.

Someone I know tried winning via cell phone when it was 10 cents per call to call the radio station. They tried 180 time ($18.00 bucks worth). Didn’t win, but did get yelled at by the wife.