I know I shouldn't care about what people think BUT

<p>I'm still really scared. People at my school are going to smack talk so much, regardless if I'm deserving or not. This isn't a major whine thread or anything, but how do I deal with it?</p>

<p>LOL. I get you...I know other people who have done amazinggg things and who didn't get in...</p>

<p>Oh well...I wouldn't worry too much about this though. :D</p>

<p>One way to deal with it is to get folks here to smack post to you. That way, you will already be used to it. It's kind of a homeopathic treatment.</p>

<p>wait no handalaa i got into stanford, and Im saying people are going to talk smack.</p>

<p>Haha that's retarded (of them). There's obviously extreme jealousy going on with them.</p>

<p>You have to realize that everyone, regardless of their qualifications, gets hated on once they are accepted. There is alot of jealousy, but that is more a token of how exceptional what you accomplished it. It is good to have people be jealous, because it means you have succeeded were they failed. </p>

<p>Remember: Jealous=sense of insecurity because they are failures</p>

<p>And speaking from experience, the BEST response to jealous is arrogance NOT insecurity. If someone derides your accomplishments, tell them they are jealous because they are failures, flat out unequivocally. And if the people who insult you are your so called "friends," then they really aren't friends at all. Cut them off and make it known that you don't want to be around people like that. </p>

<p>When I got accepted last year it was easy to see who was a real friend and who wasn't. The real friends were the ones who were happy regardless and the fake friends were the ones who were jealous. </p>

<p>That will shut them up REALLY quick. This is YOUR moment and time to shine from all the hardwork that you put in over the years. Buy a stanford sweatshirt and wear it to school everyday, so that they KNOW where you are going. I did it and trust they will be mad, but they are mad because they want what you have accomplished. This is the utter truth. Stanford wanted you and not them, and don't for a second question Stanford's decision.</p>

<p>hanstick. woah! haha....I think a bit of jealousy is natural..friendly jealousy of course. Between my friends and I, we always kids around and curse each other out for amazing accomplishments but in the end we are still really good buddies, haha. :D</p>

<p>It might be better not to wear the Stanford sweatshirt at a time when others are hurting from not getting into the school of their choice. Save the sweatshirt until later in the semester.</p>

<p>I go to a super competitive school - I think 20 people out of our class of 180 applied.</p>

<p>Our valedictorian was rejected, but I got in.
But for the record, she and I both applied Yale EA - she was deferred, I was rejected.</p>

<p>Anyway - its just going to be hard to balance being happy and please with myself, along with being sensitive to other people's feelings. </p>

<p>There is a quote.. "Whenever a friend succeeds, a little something in me dies."
I felt really bitter when I was rejected by Yale.. so the tables really have turned.</p>

<p>And I agree that we should probably all wait a little while to wear our Stanford gear ( ;
To be honest, I don't even know if I'm going to commit yet. But whatever happens, I'm going to hold off until May 1st, once everyone's committed and figured out.</p>

<p>It will definitely be an interesting day on Monday.</p>

<p>I disagree with @hanstick.</p>

<p>I think it's much better to be humble in situations like this. Think of your peers' perspectives. I'm sure many of them ARE deserving of a Stanford education, and it's only natural for them to think "If they could get in, why not me?" Be respectful during these stressful times. In the end, I'm sure your peers' jealousy will dwindle once they hear from other wonderful colleges. Don't walk around bragging about it or immediately wearing a Stanford sweatshirt. Take it slow.</p>

<p>Yeah, thank you guys all for your input. I def do feel better. I guess I just can't grasp the fact, only 2-3 people from my class go and I don't even know what I did special. But I am excited to wear my Stanford gear when the time is right :)</p>

<p>I agree some humility can go a long way. If I were rejected and my friend got in, I would appreciate if they didn't constantly gloat about it. However, you did get in, so you have a right to be happy about it just don't go overboard.</p>

<p>I was the only person in my class to apply to HPSM, so I can't say for sure what it is like being in that situation.</p>

<p>If they're your friends, be sensitive. If they aren't your friends and they're going to give you crap, take your own crap and rub their noses in it.</p>

<p>Buy your Stanford gear at the Stanford Student Store. It's online too.</p>