I know it's a pain but

<p>hey, sorry but i’ll just get to the point. so i’m a junior in CA, who is curious about my chances. it’s been a rough last 2 years, with my mom having to move away and my granmother being really sick (both in my essay) so in anycase, here’s my profile:</p>

<p>[ *] ACT Composite: 33
[ *] SAT IIs: Span: 770 Lit: 710
[ *] AP’s: Span: 5 Eng: 4 US Hist: 3
[ *] Weighted: 3.53 (to give you an idea of how hard my courses were, i got a 3 out of a possible 4 rating on difficulty that my school has)
[ *] ECs listed on app: football, track, clubs
[ *] Job/Work Experience: did finances for a family friend’s company (receipt stuff) and also had a job at a toy store lol
[ *] Essays (subject and responses): already started so they should be good
[ *] Teacher Recs: better than great
[ *] Counselor Rec: great
[ *] School Type: Private, does not rank
[ *] Ethnicity: Hispanic
[ *] Gender:M
[ *] 2 summer courses at a local comm. college- pysch and creative writing, both got A’s.

  • also got 4 awards at our honors convocation, but not sure that means much really. </p>


<p>I'd say pretty good shot. Although your GPA is solid, it is a bit on the lower end. Make sure that the recommendations point this out, if the transcript doesnt.</p>

<p>Dear kevinre : Most students struggle with the standardized test scores. Yours appear well placed for BC. Instead, as Reddune mentions, your problem will be in the GPA area. What makes this worse is that your school is not providing any indication of your class rank. If your 3.5 was a top 10% score, you would likely be safe. Typically, this GPA would be top 20-25% from a High School class. Without knowing your school curriculum, a "3 out of 4" on difficulty would mean that there was a more difficult curriculum available.</p>

<p>On AP courses, given your 5 in Spanish, is that due to being a native speaker? Your 4 in English should get you some placement consideration with the freshman writing seminar.</p>

<p>Missing from this profile are music, arts, or volunteerism details. Your sports involvement should include some details of personal achievements if possible.</p>

<p>One last thought - while your personal life situation is brought into discussion in the opening line, you might seriously want to give thought as to what it means to be six hours by plane away from California. Again, only you can weigh what is right for your education, but a California-to-Massachusetts education might put additional stress on your personal life, not to mention budget.</p>

<p>My school doesn't rank, unfortunately, so i'm guessing they would estimate it to the 20-25%? and yes i am a native speaker to spanish. Yeah sorry i forgot to mention arts and volunteering. i took a photog class soph year, and took an intro arts class frosh year. Volunteering i have 2 service projects (25 hours + for both) and 25 other hours. </p>

<p>and my parents will both be moving to the east coast after i graduate, so if anything i think i might be about 3 hours from them. (boston to atlanta, not sure about the flight time, but it's something like that)</p>

<p>how much does being a minority help for BC?</p>