I know I've posted many times before, but lets get it down to the specifics...

<p>I think this is my thrid time posting these stats, but now I need a real answer in comparison to real schools.
This is My List:
John Hopkins
Universtiy of Chicago
Notre Dame</p>

<p>I know this is quite a list of competitive schools, unrealistic by my standards, but I just listed all the schools I just dream of going to. Please, for each one, tell me my chances...</p>

My name is John Doe and I attend Lathrop High School in Fairbanks, Alaska </p>

<p>Well, i'm looking to enter a top college.</p>

<p>SATI: 2160 (760 writing)(670 Critical Reading)(730 Math)
SATII:Will take on Saturday, biology, Math IIC, US History (Expecting >750 scores)</p>

<p>Rank 21/276 in a very competitive class </p>

<p>My cumulative GPA is 3.938 (weighted)
3.751 (Unweighted)</p>

<p>I have taken: AP Biology
AP Comp
AP Calculus
AP Economy Micro & Macro
AP US History
AP US Government
A's in all </p>

<p>I have taken 3 years of French
4 years of social science
4 years of math
3 years of science- did not take physics, planning on taking it
through correspondence soon
4 years of english</p>

<p>I am fluently Bilingual (korean and English, really)
partially trilingual (+french, not really though)</p>

-I have 100+ hours of community service at the local hospital helping old and terminal patients, as well as in the cafeteria </p>

<p>-I am president of my church youth group</p>

<p>-I teach sunday school, an arduous task. demands preparation and leadership</p>

<p>-I am a teacher at the local Korean Language School </p>

<p>I am the official translator of the pastor's sermons and documents
(orally & written)</p>

<p>-Organized, taught, and lead my sunday school band
-Am lead guitarist at adult service band
-teach guitar regularily</p>

<p>-Devout piano student, received excellent adjudications for intermediate songs after 8 months of lessons- much better now</p>

<p>-National Honor Society
-Earth Club</p>

<p>-4th place state science symposium</p>

<p>-Awarded poem publication in book by American Poet Society </p>

<p>-AP Scholar (only 3's on AP tests >_<)</p>

<p>-Long Distance track (ran 800)- not very good ^_^</p>

<p>Oh yeah, my father is the pastor of my church, that is why I have so many church activities. We attend a rather small church, so it's pretty much just me and my dad running most of it. He teaches the adults and I teach the younger generation. We make pamphlets, bulletins, translate sermons and documents etc. Because the church is so small, and becuase there is no one else really qualified and willing to do what I do, I'm pretty much obligated to be dedicated to the church (not that I don't enjoy it).</p>

<p>Thats about it. If you do say no, can you tell me why? I know I have a rather low GPA and rank, perhaps SAT too. I am planning to take the ACT soon as well; and a semester grade of 4.6 will raise my GPA to 4.01 (weighted, don't know unweighted), which will probably do me no good as dealines are before the end of the semester.
I know I have a rather mediocre application, but I am a very good writer, and plan to write a stellar essay along with great teacher recommendations.
I also live in Alaska ^_^.</p>

<p>yale/stanford: 8%</p>

<p>what about the others??</p>

<p>Yale 5-10%
Stanford 10%
Cornell 20-25%
Brown 15-20%
John Hopkins 25-35%
Universtiy of Chicago 25-35%
Georgetown 15-20%
Notre Dame</p>

<p>IMO, you need some safeties, unless you just didn<code>t list them here. Your CR score on you SAT is a bit low for schools like Yale, Brown and Stanford. I think you have a good chance at Notre Dame, JH, Boston, and possibly U of Chicago. The others are all reaches. Your geographical location well help though since they want diversity.
Since no one here is an admissions officer, we can</code>t really tell you what your chances are. Just apply and find out. But you really do need some safeties, and I wouldn`t apply to all those schools on your list.</p>

<p>Don't worry, I got plenty of safties,
these are just the school I want to go to</p>