I know soda is bad but...

<p>Ok, so I took a mock SAT and ended up getting around the 2000's. When I took the SAT i knew i messed up badly on the last 3 sections, I was just too exhausted to do well. I recalculated my score and if I did the same on the last 3 sections as I did on the first 7 sections, or even a bit worse, I would of still gotten a 2200. So I'm thinking after I finish the first 7 sections, or the first 6(whenever the last break is) I'll just drink a lot of soda. By doing this at the end I won't crash and it seems like a good plan to me. Thoughts? </p>

<p>By the way, when I took the mock SAT, I ate a bar/fruit but it didn't really help.</p>

<p>drink coffee and sleep more the night before...</p>

<p>so no soda...? D;</p>

<p>needing energy to get through the SAT is for weak people.</p>

<p>take a 5 hour energy</p>

<p>take the magic SAT fruit that makes you use 100% of your brain and you ll be fine...c mon ...now seriously, i don't think anything would help, its mental exhaustion not physical, you dont need energy. If you eat something, believing it will help, it may cause a beneficial placebo effect though</p>

<p>The truth is that you need to eat a good high protein meal with complex carbs that will even out your blood sugar through out the entire test. If you need a snack, make that one with protein too. Consider one or two of the baby bell round cheese snack size things. That will make you feel more full, and has the protein to help your brain function properly. </p>

<p>Soda with caffeine and sugar, and the 5 hour energy things can make you more jittery and have less focus. The up and down of your blood sugar is what the problem is, or the up and down of caffeine. So try the protein route. Just do not over eat in the morning, you do not want to feel like you need a nap after your meal!</p>

<p>I drank soda at the section 6/7 break and did very well (2300)... I highly recommend it, just make sure it is cold.</p>

<p>During the breaks, I ate sport jellybeans. Probably mostly a placebo, but hey, I'll take it.</p>

<p>Years ago, I read about a study that found scores went up when test takers were given a Snickers candy bar during a break. Ever since, I have packed a Snickers bar for my kids when they take standardized test. They laugh at this ritual, but they eat the Snickers ... and they do very well. :)</p>

<p>^haha... I always bring 3muskateers :)</p>

<p>pop tarts work great for giving me energy.</p>

<p>First, I suggest more practice so you get used to the exhaustion. No soft food snacks! Cold soda always rejuvenated me, so definetely drink soda especially before the end.</p>

<p>A banana and some lemonade really helped me.</p>