I know that all of you get a lot of these, but chances and improvements would help :)

<p>Duke, WM, Columbia, UVA (contacted me), NYU, UChicago (contacted me), JHU (contacted me), Cornell, VCU(safety), JMU(safety)...I have a 3.7 UW, 4.0 W, I am expecting at least a 2100 on my sat, at least a 32 on my ACT, I volunteer at the hospital...SCA parliamentarian...I will have taken 9 AP classes and 10 AP tests...nxt yr all my classes are all advanced and AP (my guidance counselor said no to all AP)....LEAD program...Peer counselor....athletic trainer assistant....3 academic letters....MUN (lettered) charges d affairs and honorable mention at TJ High school conference....first gen college student....parents sierra leonean immigrants (URM)....youth salute scholarship nominee...NHS....key club....I'm starting a toy drive for sierra leonean orphans....junior civitans club...ARC bowling with special needs people....played basketball for two years...took Spanish for five years....medical letter....AP scholar...learned English and Krio as first languages....girls state delegate...girls nation senator (alternate)...and I will have some great college essays about my life and why columbia is my top choice...thank u....my number one is definitely Columbia...it's my dream school...:)...btw i want to major in music or political science but take pre-med courses...live virginia...unfortunately(its a popularly represented state)...my school is in the top 5% in the nation...I'm in the top 6% of my class</p>

<p>anyone please...i really need some feedback...:)</p>

<p>TJ is probably going to have many applicants to the great schools. Have you gotten your GC's input yet? I'd bet the he/she has a relationship with reps from top schools. You need a frank talk because, in a pool like this, LoRs will pull for all, but make it clear which they think are best suited to varous schools. You need to take a hard, hard look at what makes you stand out. Are you involved in any cultural, religious, social, political activities with others from Sierra Leone?</p>

<p>I have spoken to my GC only once about college and I go to church and many social activities with the mormon church although I am christian and I go to sierra leonean churches a lot... thnx btw... :)</p>

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<p>Anymore suggestions???</p>

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<p>211 views and one reply...BUMP...please reply
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<p>Here's a suggestion, reformat your text so that it's quick and easy to read.</p>

<p>Okayy thank u no wonder no one responded...lol... :)</p>

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<p>I think you have a fair shot. Get your GPA up and shoot for a high SAT/ ACT score and I think you'll place yourself in a pretty competitive spot. See what you can do with the toy drive; starting something like that, if you can get it to be a big thing, can definitely help you, I think.</p>

<p>Thank you so much and if I get straight As this year I will have a 3.92 UW and a 4.2 W. I also decided not to take the SAT so that I won't jeporadize my chances of acceptance if I do horrible.</p>

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