I know there's a lot of "chance me" threads, but i'm curious/nervous too. Chance me?

<p>Thanks for taking the time!</p>

<p>I'm out of state</p>

<p>GPA weighted is a 4.82, unweighted, i cant find at the moment but it was 3.9x (cant remember hundredth digit)</p>

<p>SAT: 2240 (took twice, my second test was my super score as well)
Reading: 730
Math: 760

<p>I took about half honors and half normal level classes from freshman and sophomore year.
I took two AP classes and a few honors classes in junior year, and this year is all AP. I've also been in my school's IT University Program since freshman year. I usually get A's and B's.</p>

<p>EC: I'm president and founder of my school's Weiqi (Go) club. I'm also in Interact, Model UN, Physics League, Math Team, History Club, and Academic Decathalon. No sports though.</p>

<p>Work: I've done tutoring with young kids at a JEI learning center for a summer and I've been working at a Kumon learning center for the past two years.</p>

<p>Volunteer: I work for about four hours every sunday at a nursing home my church provides service for.</p>

<p>I also submitted a piano art supplement. Arts</a> Supplement - YouTube if you want to listen. (id skip to about 9 mins. the first two songs aren't as impressive)</p>

<p>I'm applying to the College of LSA with preferred admission to the Ross School of Business.</p>

<p>Really thanks again if you made it this far. I already sent my application in for EA, but i just couldnt resist asking for a "chance me". It's torture waiting for them to reply! Thanks again!</p>

<p>yes im shameless for double posting but i can't edit anymore and i forgot to mention a few things. forgive me, its late at night.</p>

<p>Literature: 740
Math 2: 730</p>

<p>AP Lang Lit: 4</p>

<p>out of state is always difficult for michigan. if you were in state, you'd be in for sure. i'd say about a 60% chance</p>

<p>I'm not sure where ^ this came from; michigan is the easiest good public school for OOS in the entire country. the U Cal's, UNC, and UVA are all much harder than Michigan simply for OOS. I would say a 99% chance in at LSA, pretty much unless they accidentally lose your app (which wont happen) =]. Ross is a reach, but it's certainly possible. maybe like a 1/3 chance as of now. The test scores are def. Ross quality, the GPA is within the limits although it makes a big diff. if its a 3.91 or a 3.98.</p>

<p>michigan rejected people with 33 ACTs and 4.0s last year who were out of state..that is why i say that.</p>

<p>but i read your SAT score wrong.. id say about 80% chance</p>

<p>Your definitely a reasonable applicant! I think you got a shot.</p>

<p>Almost a for sure for LSA!</p>

<p>Thank you guys for your responses. I was sadly deferred for EA, but hopefully I'll get in RD. Wish me luck!</p>

<p>Relax dude. I got into engineering as an out of state Asian with a 2120 SAT, 760 math II, 710 physics, and 3.83 GPA.</p>

<p>Though, I just watched your Youtube video and I don't know how much it will help you...
Too be honest, it wasn't "conservatory level" as most colleges of UMich caliber will ask for (especially since you only had one piece memorized).</p>