I know these "Chance" threads are annoying but just indulge me

<p>Probably applying to SFS</p>

<p>GPA- 4.0 unweighted
Rank- 7 out of 250ish
SAT- CR 780 M 630 W 700 for total of 2110 (taking again next Saturday, hoping to at least get in the 2200s
SAT IIs- US History 790 World History 700 Literature 710</p>

Member of Marching Band, Jazz Band, Brass Ensemble, Beta Club, NHS
Elected as Band Captain (Highest position in marching band)
Founder and President of a Libertarian Political Club
Ayn Rand "Anthem" Essay Contest National Semifinalist
Governor's Honors Program State Alternate
Boys State Participant
Louis Armstrong Jazz Award
Active in church- youth group member
church orchestra member
around 160 hrs of community service related to mission trips, etc
I'm sure I forgot some other stuff</p>

<p>I go to a public high school that wouldn't be considered terrible but certainly not considered elite. A couple of people from our school have gone to Duke but not many from here go to elite colleges.</p>

<p>You're in the mix; no more, no less.
The 4.0 is great, because you can't do better, but if you're a really smart kid in an unimpressive public school, they might expect you'd have a 4.0.
The SATs are not great, especially the M.
ECs are fine, but certainly don't eclipse other candidates, many of whom will have as good or better.</p>

<p>I would put Drum Major instead of Band Captain for clarity's sake.</p>

<p>Remember, Georgetown only considers CR+M so technically your SAT score is 1410/1600 (which is pretty much equivalent to 2100/2400).</p>

<p>No AP courses? Does your school offer any?</p>

<p>Well in my band they are two different positions. The band captain still plays on the field but is a totally equal postition as drum major leadership-wise.
And yes by the time I apply next year I will have taken AP World History, AP US History,
AP Chem, AP Lit, AP Psych, and possibly AP Music Theory. This may not seem like a lot but only 10-11 are offered. All the rest of my schedule was Honors.</p>