I know this is a very small chance, but would I be able to make it?

<p>I'm trying to hard to find my motivation into keep working hard and hopefully for the best. Currently, I will be a third year community college student this fall and I have a 2.7 GPA. I didn't fail any classes, it's just that I keep getting C's. I always on the borderline between a B's and C's and my study skills basically sucks. I calculated my grade on how to reach 3.0 GPA and turned out i need to be a straight out 4.0 this fall in order to reach 3.0 flat with 17 units. By then, I will finish all my prerequisite. </p>

<p>If I somehow miraculous made it, do I have a shot? If I fail, what's my option? I don't really want to stay in CC for another year.</p>

<p>Why not apply to a CSU?</p>

<p>If you're having a hard time focusing (I get that), then try Mindfulness. Mindfulness is basically you sitting, eyes closed and slowly scanning your body from head to toe. Keep doing it as many times as you like. It is a technique that is used to help you relax and aim at one thing. No need to thank me, just remember to pass this on if it works for you. Glad to help. ;)</p>

<p>Several questions:</p>

<p>What is your transfer major?
Do you work?
Are you a good test taker?
Do you read for pleasure often?
Do you have or suspect depression?</p>

<p>Those will help me provide better advice.</p>

<p>"If I somehow miraculous made it, do I have a shot? If I fail, what's my option? I don't really want to stay in CC for another year."
It depends, transferring is the easy part.</p>

<p>yeah, i agree with wrenchfries...if you're struggling now, your chances of succeeding at competitive UC's seem kind of low.</p>

<p>Well the past two years sucks for me. It's basically that I'm finally maturing but it took a very long time to get a straight. I'm currently working 20-30 hours, will be at student's government, and will be on board for a club this upcoming fall. However, before than, I was not focus on studying. I'm not going to blame my circumstances as tol my family court divorce trials and always have less money than expected. </p>

<p>The only thing I blame on is my study skills. I'm always less focus on my studies for some reason and before then, I thought community college was a piece of cake. As more C's piled on, I realized that if I couldn't make in community college, how would I make it in UC's. So I get serious and somehow made a little of uptrend making a 3.2 GPA last semester. Other semester was around or below 2.5 GPA. Can I still do it? </p>

<p>My only problem is my lack of focus and prioritized what's really important to me which is school.</p>

<p>What school do you want to attend? You might have a shot a UCR, UCSC, and UCM. You'll probably going to get acceptance into most of the low-tier CSU (basically no SLO, SDSU, CSULB, or any other program/major that might be impacted). Check CSU mentor for majors that are impacted before you apply though (it'll save you money).</p>

<p>There's no point in waiting another year; you've probably accumulated tons of units that better grades will only help your GPA so much. The best advice I could give is this: attend the best school you get admitted to. Then for the next years then rock all over that school and attend a good grad school (which looks way better than an undergraduate degree).</p>

<p>Drop all your extracurriculars. Don't bother doing student government and don't do any clubs; focus on your studies. Cut back working and make more sacrifices. Spend more time in the learning assistance programs or tutor labs. GPA is the #1 factor for admission into a UC. EC's only look good if you have a solid GPA and are looking for admission into a top UC...</p>

<p>Upward trend does look good but you dug a pretty deep hole...</p>

<p>You can still transfer to some UCs depending on your major. CSUs will be your best bet, and honestly it isn't bad attending a CSUs, as long as you end up with an undergraduate degree.</p>

<p>One piece of advice though, is that you should seriously consider improving your study skills. It will help you a lot when you transfer to have good solid study skills. And it will help you even more if you plan on going to graduate/professional schools.</p>

<p>truthfully 2.7 is pretty low for any major. </p>

<p>Fall semester boost your gpa as much as possible straight A's that should be your only goal. Don't bother with e.c now you need to just get borderline level to stand a chance.</p>

<p>3.0 is borderline fyi</p>

<p>not true. i applied with a 2.7 for poli sci and got into sdsu,ucr,ucsc,and csun.
but i agree with everyone of the bad study skills. if you cant focus in a cc then a uc isnt going to be any easier.
even if you were to go to ucr or ucm they are still ucs and arent exactly easy.</p>

<p>I dont get people who mess up in community college. If you think you can go from a straight C student to doing student gov + clubs + getting a 4.0 in your prereqs this fall, you have to be kidding yourself.</p>

<p>You should start thinking about applying to mid-range CSUs.</p>

<p>I guess we'll find out shall we. I'm not giving up on hope but basically, I know I can do it.</p>

<p>Yeah it's good to aim high. When you put a lot of effort into trying to get an A, you usually easily get a B. Don't let me words discourage you.</p>

<p>DO WORK SON. three simple words that will change your life right there. if you cant make it at a CC and you cant figure it out, then a UC is just going to be a big bill at the end. SO, if you really cant get it together and figure out a way to stay focused and prioratize THIS YEAR, then i would realistically start looking for a career that doesnt involve a degree.</p>

<p>this is not meant to be mean or downgrading, its just the truth. i would hate to go to my uc and rack up 50 k in 2 years without a degree.</p>