I know this is annoying..but can what are my chances?

<p>I wanted to know what my chances are as of now for Duke University. I have always wanted to go there since freshman year, but I do not have any legacy at any school in the US as my parents are from South Africa.</p>

Unweighted: 4.0 (our school does not weight)
Rank: 1/350
I am taking 2 AP Courses and 5 AP Courses next year (this may not seem like a lot, but I am taking all the courses my school offers). I go to a highly-regarded public school.</p>

680- CR
720- M
670- W</p>

- Vice President of Advisory Board for my city (appointed by the mayor)- 3 years
- Vice President of TeenLink (a youth suicide/crisis line open nightly from 6-10 pm, have contributed over 300 hours so far)- 3 years
-Editor (and hopefully editor-in-chief next year) for our nationally recognized school newspaper- 2 years
- Relay for Life Logistics Coordinator/Team Development Coordinator (helped raise the annual donation total from 20,000 to over 50,000)- 3 years
-Track Team- lettering this year (as a junior)- 3 years
-BRIDGES Leader (advisory period student leader for a class of 20 high school students)- 1 Year
- Summer Volunteer Program- summer volunteer program, contributed over 500 hours in the past 5 years.
-Voted to join "Natural Helpers" program at high school- 3 years</p>

1 of 1,000 students nationally selected to take International Chemistry Exam
Have a 3-week internship at a Harvard Lab this summer</p>

<p>I am only junior, but I think I will apply to Duke ED (the acceptance rate is 40% compared to 20% RD). Do I have a chance? Thanks for all your input, I REALLY appreciate it. This school means a lot to me, and because many of you are presently enrolled, I want to know your opinion, and what I can do to increase my chances of getting in next year. Once again, thanks for all your time!</p>

<p>Which school are you planning to apply to, because I know that Trinity ED acceptance rate was around 33% this past year. Either way, I think if you can get your M+CR score up like fifty points or so, you'd be in great shape. Have you considered taking the ACT?</p>

<p>I have....I am taking the test in April, and I took a "mock" one and scored a 32...not too bad, but not spectacular either.</p>

<p>It's really frustrating because I have a really competitive class, and I am already disadvantaged because my parents do not have any legacy anywhere, and to top it off, I'm not the best test taker. I really hope admissions will be able to see thorough that, as I do have pretty good ECs that I have shown consistent attendance/commitment to and have really tried to make an impact in each one.</p>

<p>Madboy121, I saw that you have similar test scores to me, and you got accepted EA! Congratulations! I really hope that can happen to me, as Duke is truly the place I can best see myself!</p>

<p>Rory, if you bring your SAT scores up 200 points (2250 should be your goal), I think you'll get in. What are your SAT II's like?</p>

<p>I have not taken them yet, but I plan on taking Chem (im in AP Chem) and Math IIC</p>

<p>Rory, we have identical ranks, uw gpa, and I have better scores (34 ACT). On the other hand, I think your EC's are better than mine. I got waitlisted RD. If you are really considering Duke I would recommend applying ED... other than that it seems like admissions are somewhat random... who knows how it will go...</p>

<p>Duke admissions are the least random out of what I've seen so far.</p>

<p>I think most random would be Stanford's enigmatic decisions.</p>

<p>I guess my question is: Is it worth it to apply ED? Do I truly have a chance? If my scores did not improve, could I still get in?</p>

<p>I think if you apply ED you will get in. Not applying ED im not sure... it would be close... but only apply ED if you are 100% sure you want to go to DUKE...</p>

<p>Thanks, I hope so too. Thanks for all your help. What else do people think?</p>

<p>bump....any other comments??? Please!!</p>

<p>chances threads already? i know being prepared is good, but this is way early..I've barely had time to digest my own RDs </p>

<p>Anyway, you're definitely in range for duke, but don't be fooled by the ED admission rate stats. The percentage is greater because a greater percentage of the applicants who apply ED are qualified - if you couldn't get in RD, it's unlikely ED will change that. Write some essays, get some recs, feel out all your options first. Usually the extra month or two spent polishing your app for RD instead of rushing it for ED is beneficial.</p>

<p>i think you're in great shape either way... don't do early decision unless you are POSITIVE... remember, if you apply to a lot of schools, you could get some merit based scholarship which would make you want to go there instead of duke... i was thinking for a long time that i would apply early decision, but then people started giving me advice like this... i applied regular and got in</p>

<p>None. ....jk.</p>

<p>definitely apply early decision</p>

<p>i got in ED with less than a 2100, although i had some outstanding ECs to "balance it out" (btw, at this level there is no such thing as "balancing it out," hence the quotations. I actually just got lucky.)</p>

<p>thanks everyone. It has always been a DREAM of mine, and hopefully it works out. When does the application come out (and the common app resets for next applications for the class of 2013).</p>

<p>jct30-thanks for the good advice about early decision.</p>

<p>So if I did apply ED, is there a reasonable chance that I could be accepted? Reasonable enough to apply? </p>

<p>Thanks everyone!</p>

<p>please give your opinion, I really appreciate it!</p>

<p>if i were an admissions officer here i'd let you in.</p>