I know this is probably a reach, but what are my chances??

<p>Hey! I'm developing my final list of colleges to which I'm applying this fall. What do you think my chances are at Georgetown? Any other college recommendations? Thanks! </p>

<p>Senior at a top 10 public high school in California
GPA: 3.45 UW/ 3.65 W (upward trend with the most challenging curriculum- probably way too low, though)
SATI: 1410 (700M/710V)
SATII Writing: 800
SATII Literature: 690
SATII US History: 650 (bad day)
Took the math SATII last weekend
By the end of senior year, I will have taken 8 APs and 1 honors class (AP Music Theory, AP Psych, AP Euro, AP US History, Hon. English, AP English, AP Gov/Econ, AP Stats, AP Calc AB)
I'm probably going to major in Classics and either English, History, or Poli Sci
I got 4's on the AP US and AP Psych tests, AP Scholar </p>

<p>-Member of Junior Statesmen of America- 4 yrs
-Mock Trial- 2 years
-Vice President of Philosophy Club
-Member of Amnesty International- 4 yrs
-Member of History Club
-Representative in my school district's Diversity Committee, which works to combat such issues as racism and homophobia in the school environment
-I'm starting a book club with a friend of mine, so I'll be a co-president of that
-I work closely with the local Democratic club and do outreach work with my school through the organization
-Member/Volunteer at Feminist Majority Foundation
-Leading Volunteer/Organizer for John Kerry for President/ Kerry Campaign Writers Bureau/ Students for Kerry (about 15 hours a week)
-Participated in National Youth Leadership Forum for Law in Washington DC this spring
-Nominated to be my high school's representative for the US Senate Youth Program
-Won the underclassman award at my school 2 years in a row, once for English, once for Precalculus (each teacher picks one student from years frosh-junior to give an award to for academic excellence)
- Won the California Governor's Scholars Award for high STAR test scores
- National Merit Commended Scholar
- I'm in the Gifted and Talented Education Program (GATE) at my school
-Took classes at UC Berkeley every summer I've been in high school (got straight A's in them)
-Taking classes at local community college as well
-I'm taking an evening dance class
-During budget cuts, I led a letter-writing campaign among the students to protect the teachers and programs that had been put in jeopardy
-Wrote a novel (unpublished) and 2 plays, one of which was performed at UC Berkeley
-I don't know if this will factor in at all in assessing my grades, but my mom has been unemployed for a year, on top of which there was a death in the family, the combination of which made for a stressful junior year to say the least. :-( However, my grades have definitely rebounded significantly.
-I'm a very strong writer and am getting wonderful recommendations </p>

<p>200+ hours of community service in the last year</p>

<p>If someone could let me know what you think my chances are, that would be great!! Also, does anyone know what Georgetown's financial aid is like? Thanks!!</p>

<p>i don't know about financial aid except that the admissions are need blind.</p>

<p>as for your chances, Idk myself because I'm applying EA this year...but as far as whether you should go ahead and apply-- definitely. Your stuff seems to be all in the range of acceptance.</p>

<p>I think that you've got a pretty good chance. I've got the same SAT (except math and verbal are reversed), and I applied EA. Your ECs are way better than mine, though.</p>

<p>One question that really does make a difference: to which school are you applying?</p>

<p>PS- totally off subject, but whatever. I see that you live in Berkeley, so do you go to Berkeley High? I live in Piedmont/go to Piedmont High, so we're really close to eachother. Finally, another prospective Bay Area G'Town applicant! Cool. Or should I say "hella" cool. OMG I'm such a loser... :D</p>

<p>Thanks for the support! I thought that it would be totally pointless to apply with my GPA... Would you think that that's going to hurt me too much? </p>

<p>calidan- I'd be applying to College of Arts and Sciences (I hadn't really given it much thought, though- I suppose wherever I could study both poli sci and classics). How about you? Oh, and I go to Campolindo (right on the other side of the Oakland hills- I grew up in Berkeley and that's where my allegiance is, so I put it down as my location- shows off my hippie nature!). Piedmont's such a lovely area... :-)</p>

<p>I would think that your GPA might be a pretty big hit..it seems like you've taken so many AP classes, so have you gotten Cs?</p>

<p>The thing that might counter that is your excellent ECs and your National Merit stuff, that's super competitive..and it's not like your GPA is insanely low so...</p>

<p>I definitely wouldn't rule anything out. If I were you I'd apply :)</p>

<p>I'm currently a junior at a private high school in the South Bay. Your SAT scores, esp. the SAT ii 800 in Writing helps. I'm pretty sure your GPA will be fine, as overall, you look like a really good candidate. Good luck with admissions.</p>

<p>manderz- I got a C in AP Music theory my first semester, but apart from that, I've had B's in my AP classes (well, I got an A in AP Psych and an A one semester in honors English, actually, but B's in the rest). The reason that my weighted isn't higher is because 4 of my 8 APs are classes I'm taking right now, and so they haven't been calculated into my GPA at all. </p>

<p>Thanks for the positive feedback. Quick question- do you think that I'd have a better chance at getting into Brown or Georgetown? Any difference? They had both been my two ideal schools (Tufts was third, which is why I'm applying there), and I had ruled out both of them because of my grades, but my SAT was higher than expected, so now I'm giving both schools a second thought...</p>

<p>Sorry to slightly alter the subject, but I learned that I was named a commended scholar two days after I sent in my app. The resume I sent in w/ my app listed my being in the top 5% on the PSAT (which is all commended scholars are, from my knowledge). Should I make some effort to let them know that I am commended, or do you think that the info I have already provided is enough?</p>