I know what I want to do, but don't know my major! (sounds wierd right?)

<p>So I know 100% that I want to go to Law school after undergrad completion.; I want to become a lawyer and either do Business Law (Look over business deals, fly around the world to close buisness contracts, etc) or Criminal Law (Represent Criminals in court, or prosecuter representing the state, etc.).</p>

<p>I know I want to be a lawyer, I do not know what I want my major to be. I can't simply major in "Pre-Law", I need an actual major. There isn't a major like Buisness Law so can't do that either. Most people like Poly Sci but I find politics much different then Law and it does not interest me as much. Should I just major in BHuisness to get into Law School? I understand there are many majors that you can go to Law School with so whats the best choice?</p>

<p>I did a little research on this before, and here's what I came up with:</p>

<li>Classics (Greek/Latin)</li>
<li>Political Science</li>

<p>Those aren't in any particular order, but the first three are supposed to be pretty good.</p>

<p>Try something like economics/business if you want to end up as a corporate lawyer. Or maybe try environmental studies and eventually end up defending/attacking Big Companies Who Ocassionally Pollute. For criminal law, you have a lot of good options - psychology, sociology, philosophy, political science, or even something unrelated like a science field. For the love of god - you can do anything you want for pre-law, don't let it be Latin (***?).</p>

<p>Do not go with pre-law, it is ironically the worst major to pick for law school. Philosophy is the classic pre-law major although you can be pretty much anything. An English major would be used to the amount of writing while even an engineering major would have extremely relevant analytical skills. Keep in mind that GPA is a big factor for law school, so you want a major that doesn't look too easy but that you can get a decent grade in.</p>

<p>i'm pretty much in the same situation, gshikunov. though i'm leaning towards english or political science as a major, i'm going undeclared and seeing what interests me the most. i keep hearing how it doesn't really matter what you major in if you're planning on going to law school, just that you maintain a good gpa, and obviously find something that truly interests you.</p>

<p>As an experienced lawyer, let me emphasize that it doesn't matter what you major in before law school--for example, I majored in Spanish.</p>

<p>Study what you like--although it would probably be helpful to take courses that require writing papers--you will be doing LOTS of that in law school.</p>

<p>Also,be aware that these days law schools have recognized that it is desirable for their students to have worked for at least a year or two before applying to law school--so study what you're interested in, get a job that you like--and maybe you won't even end up going to law school after all!</p>

<p>My son was interested in law and I spoke to several lawyers and law school people. It is not necessary to major in prelaw. You might look at Northeastern's criminal justice program which covers a lot of law related stuff...you could also look at schools that have a 6 year program-I think George Washington University does, or it might be American ? where you are guaranteed at the start that you will do undergrad and then law school and finish in 6 years... or you could do political science, etc as the previous posters said. The biggest thing I heard was learn to write extremely well and digest large quantities of information in short periods of time...</p>

<p>Math is a good pre law major because it shows you can handle something rigorous, and you'll be able to do well with logical arguments (i.e. if a implies b and b implies c does c imply a?) which are all over the LSAT.</p>

<p>dg5052 - did you find spanish to be helpful in law school or as a lawyer? in terms of pracicality, how does it rate? or does that even matter? i'm curious because that's another major i'm seriously considering.</p>

<p>I agree with those that said UG major doesn't matter much (at all) for law school application.<br>
1. Take what interests you. Why spend time on law as an UG when you will be spending three years studying it later? Maybe take a lawclass to see if the field interests you, but be aware that an undergrad law class is very different from law school. (I think most undergrad classes will emphasize the "right answer." Law school will train you to spot an issue where you thought there was none and make an argument. You will do poorly on law school exams if you present only one answer.)
2. I thought my UG economics major was as relevant as major could be, but no particular major is going to give you a leg up for admission or how well you do once admitted.
3. The most important skills in law school are reasoning and writing.</p>