I like a guy.


<p>Okay this is really the only site I can admit it.. Because it's pretty anonymous over here...</p>

<p>Anyway.. I never noticed until 2 weeks ago when this one kid constantly liked my facebook status and sometimes even comments. I seriously never gave him a second thought (mostly because HE'S SO POPULAR. And hot. And I'm just a potato..), until like 2 weeks ago, when he would always (randomly of course) call me name and have a huge grin. Sometimes I see him and he would call my name and I would smile and say hey. </p>

<p>I don't know. This crush definitely had a weird development. Anyway, like 1 and one half week ago I realized I like him. BIG TIME. And I was so confused and basically WHATTHEHECK??? So I told my best friend about him and she was like "oh my gosh! You guys would... BLAH BLAH BLAH". So all this time, he always liked my facebook/commented on my faccebook/ETC, and I've never made a single move. So like a couple of days ago, I made a move (a pathetic move that is) and messaged him. He was really, um, succinct I guess.. Really succinct? Concise? Short? Practical? He made no more messages and shortly answered all of my questions.</p>

<p>So now I'm really confused. I want this guy to like me. Yet I don't even know he does. I personally think he doesn't, or if he does it's a friend way. Though a couple of my friends think OMG IT'S MUTUAL- sort of deal (like he looks at me.. He awkwardly walks when he's near me). He gives mixed answers... I'm so lost..</p>

<p>Can you help? What do you think I should do?</p>

<p>How long have you known him?</p>

<p>D'aww. So cute. </p>

<p>LOL, I'm going through a similar situation where I didn't start liking this boy in my AP World and AP English class until he was subtly hinting that he liked me... I'm in the same boat. I don't think he likes-likes me (gotta love those fourth grade euphemisms) but rather just likes me.</p>

<p>I think you should observe (from a distance) how he acts around other girls. I think that would be a good indicator if you're a special case of if he's just naturally really friendly (and awkward apparently?) LOL. But yeah. :)</p>

<p>Try talking to him...</p>

<p>That's what everyone's been telling me. Try talking to him! ETC.</p>

<p>I did. I messaged him a couple of days ago and now he stopped liking my statuses, he stopped commenting on them as well. But today, what was weird was I was talking to my friend and he looked at me for a while (corner of my eye). And that was it.</p>

<p>Nothing. I miss him so much already</p>

<p>I'm like that with one girl. It's pretty obvious that I like her: flirting and making her laugh (and she'll even laugh at the unfunny jokes.) We've known each other since Middle School started, but this year's been different. Since the year started we've been talking so much, and I walk her to class, and she'll be waiting outside my classes, and she's even told me secrets that she (claims she) hasnt told anyone other guys. I tease her and she teases back, and we flirt with each other a lot. It's pretty apparent to anyone that watches that I definitely like her, and she might like me back. </p>

<p>So what's the problem you ask? Well this part pertains to you. I don't have the nerve to ask her to homecoming (what if she says no) or ask her out in general (because HS relationships are destined to end and then we'll have an awkward friendship.) So the guy you're interested might be going to the same type of thought processes. You just might have to be the one to make the move.</p>

<p>As a male myself, I would say that dude likes you.</p>

<p>Well considering the fact that he is "HE'S SO POPULAR. And hot" and you are a "potato" he was probably making fun of you, and liking your stuff to amuse his friends. The fact that he tried to get out of messaging with you and the way he is awkward around you shows that he realized that in a way he lead you on and now he feels bad. It looks like he doesn't really like you.</p>

<p>goodnoodle, make a move :)! I think the girl likes you a lot! Ask her to homecoming!!</p>

<p>And how should I make a move? I barely see him the whole day (only my last hour). I rarely talk to him. He stopped liking my statuses and commenting on my facebook. It's like that message changed everything! What does that mean?</p>

<p>BrianBananas, he's not that kind of guy. Seriously. Like I guess MAYBE. But he's such a sweet guy and he's the guy who I can count on to make me laugh</p>

<p>Well idk how free of a relationship you guys have, but if the girl I like said "Hey wanna go out?" or "let's go to homecoming together" that'd be good enough for me. As for time, use that last hour to ask him out, or lunch Is a good time. Just don't make it seem like that big of a deal. Yolo</p>

<p>the problem is I don't know if he thinks of me as a friend or as a girlfriend.</p>




<p>An epistemological problem?</p>

<p>Just go find out. Stalk him a bit and bump into him.</p>

<p>Yeah I'm pretty sure math is the best way to solve a problem like this</p>

<p>Haha! That made me laugh :)</p>

<p>I should be like this: <a href="http://cafewitteveen.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/tumblr_m1k6b2prws1qewacoo1_400.jpg%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://cafewitteveen.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/tumblr_m1k6b2prws1qewacoo1_400.jpg&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>But really. </p>

<p>And IceQube, I think that's what I'll do. ;p</p>

<p>LOL I used to be a lot like you kimmylouie: shy, nervous around the opposite sex (girls for me), and overly cautious. I had a giant crush on this girl, who I think liked me, but I was too afraid to approach her and just make conversation, let alone ask her out. </p>

<p>So it was just a normal day of school, and I was arguing politics with some kid outside Math, and one of my friends nudges me. I looked around and saw the aforementioned girl talking with her friends. My friend starts bugging me to go talk to her, and I keep refusing, stating "awkwardness" and "I don't know what to say" as my excuses. Then the bell rings, and it seems like an opportunity wasted.</p>

<p>But, that day, lady luck seems to shine on me (though it didn't seem like it at the time). I was walking (speed-walking) to class because I was already late, and I tripped on a pen that some idiot left in the hall. I did a near-faceplant, and stayed on the ground for a second (luckily I wasn't hurt). The girl who I had a crush on (who will now be known as Cassandra) was actually right in front of me and saw the whole fall.</p>

<p>I was mortified; I got up immediately and tried to play the situation cool ("Nah, don't worry about it, I'm fine" etc.). "Cassandra" insisted on taking me to the nurse, and I wasn't about to object, so we were walking down the hall, having some nonsense conversation, when I finally grew some balls and took her hand as we walked (I say took; it was more like grabbed), and was really surprised when she didn't try to pull away. </p>

<p>Eventually, we reached the nurse's office, and she let go of my hand, and wished me goodbye. I was almost disappointed we had reached our destination, and as she walked away, I was about to lament another wasted chance. But as she walked away, I just stopped thinking for a second, and asked her to "wait up." She responded "Okay..." slightly tentatively. </p>

<p>And I asked her out. It went kind of like "I was wondering if you're free Saturday...and if you wanted to go see The Avengers with me?" I think it went like that; in actuality, it was probably much more garbled and awkward. Then, I remember her reaction perfectly: she blushed, gave me a huge smile, and said "Sure." Then she said something else that I don't remember cause I was in a daze.</p>

<p>Needless to say, I didn't go to class that period. </p>

<p>Moral of the story: You can't live your whole life in fear. Stop rationalizing your fear, and just make the first move. The worst that'll happen is he says "No," when you realize that he wasn't the one for you anyway.</p>

<p>Lol anyway sorry for the wall of text that probably didn't help you at all.</p>

<p>That's such a sweet love story. <3! Seriously! Like it sounds like it came right out of some romance novel written by Nicholas Sparks or something.!</p>

<p>But Yeah. I need to just start saying hey to him. Worse that could happen is I look like a fool. BLEH.</p>

<p>;p thank you!</p>

<p>Does he have a best friend? Are you pretty good friends with him/her or at least know them well enough to ask. Or even a close guy friend who is friends with him (yours or his). Ask then if they know anything. You gotta get a guys perspective. Girls interpret things completely differently and act differently then guys(Obviously!). <em>off-topic: best and weirdest conversations occur with the opposite sex if youre really good friends with them.</em></p>

<p>As a male who gets called above average... I don't do that to girls unless they're cute (The random likings/comments on statuses)... I don't like making friends with girls... It's kind of lame, since it always turns out I have feelings for them in the end. Might as well keep them acquaintances. From a guys perspective... If a girl has a friend that's a guy, he either has feelings for you, so rather then going for something you can't get, try someone who might actually care about you (your friend who probably has feelings for you). </p>

<p>But being friends with a girl to show her you like her isn't the best choice... Might as well be out with it, whether she rejects you or not. You get props either way.</p>

<p>He could just be a flirt. See if he talks to all girls that way-calling them with a grin.</p>



<p>He could be. </p>

<p>I very recently flirted with a girl whom I had no interest in one afternoon. I did so because I was bored out my mind. I was really forward. Really really forward. The things I said ... lol. "What's your name?" "Oh, so it's <strong><em>?" "</em></strong> with the pretty face, ay?" </p>

<p>Now, she always tries to talk to me in the hallways, but I don't want to talk back. </p>

<p>I know it is a horrible thing to do - to pique someone's interest - then only to renege ... but it's a possibility here.</p>