I live in Cali, and it is snowing like crazy. Awesome...

<p>Weird, right!?</p>

<p>LUCKY!!!! I would LOVE for it to snow!</p>

<p>It was so nice yesterday, and now all of a sudden, we get this kind of weather! So weird. But it is nice for a change :)</p>

<p>WOW. and we had trees falling over and power outages on the east coast. strange stuff has been happening lately o.O
I blame global warming</p>

<p>^LOL! For real... o_0</p>

<p>I live in ON, Canada. We have had nice days so far...</p>

<p>UGH! i hope it gets this way in Countryville soon!</p>

<p>Meanwhile in Connecticut, I haven't had power for a week.</p>

<p>@TheSpasticTroll I feel ya. Its all fun and games till you live on the East Coast/Midwest.</p>

<p>I want snow. I'm tired of 80 degree weather from October - January.</p>

<p>Florida... smh.</p>