I lost an award. How can I prove I got it? Please help

So a few months ago, I received an award that will probably be considered the most impressive honor on my college apps. I’d be shocked if colleges didn’t want to verify it. I didn’t attend the award ceremony for personal reasons, but I did get the medal that I would’ve gotten some time later. I’m not into trophies and accolades and such so I kind of just placed it next to some other awards I got, thinking my parents would hang it later or something. Now, months later, neither of us can find the award. How else can I verify that I got it if colleges ask? My counselor knows I got it and I think she’s putting it in her rec letter, but is that good enough? There’s also evidence of me talking about having it before I realized I lost it. But again, is that good enough? I tried contacting the issuing organization, but they don’t track this stuff (they aren’t one of those superficial traditional organizations) and I wasn’t at the award ceremony for pictures. UGHHH should I just leave it out of my application? Am I overworrying??

Couldn’t whoever (or whatever entity) who issued it to you verify that you were awarded it? I don’t think they actually verify things though.

Jut say’n, I’ve never seen an applicant walk onto campus with a medal around their neck.

You may be overthinking the value of an award and missing what it really takes. That makes this an odd question.

Especially because any award really worth it can be verified.

Unless you lost it in a move or something, your medal should turn up at some point. Do you have any photographs of you with the medal? Ask the people who gave it to you to send a letter certifying you won it.

Chances are no college will ask. If they did, they might take your GC’s word on it, or at that point you would contact those who awarded it to you. I wouldn’t leave it off your application.

Awards can be verified by the school or organization that issued them. I think you are overthinking this.

This one thing is not getting you accepted or denied to college. Call the organization and they will issue you a letter about the award.