I lost my letter for orientation dates for UCLA

<p>Hi people! As it says in the title i lost the letter with dates for orientation. If someone would kindly post what days the orientations will be on that would be great. I know sign ups are tmrw so your help is greatly appreciated=]</p>

<p>UCLA</a> Summer Orientation Program</p>

<p>Anyone know why it cost money to attend the orientation?? Can you not go then? How would you register for classes if you don't?</p>

<p>i'm confused....i never received a letter? i'm freaking out a little because people are saying orientation is tomorrow</p>

<p>no, the ability to sign up is tomorrow</p>

<p>It is not tomorrow. The Registration for it is tomorrow.</p>

cool, gotcha.</p>

<p>@iTransfer - They're pretty much sucking as much money as they possibly can from us. If you don't attend, you'll be assigned a date after all the orientation sessions to sign up for classes... And by that time there won't be much classes open. :&lt;/p>

<p>@mkcman - It's just a measly brochure, no big. All information on it comes straight off the website.</p>

Academic advising is essential for appropriate course enrollment and academic counselors will be available to assist you during your Orientation session. All incoming students are strongly encouraged to attend an Orientation session so that you have assistance in choosing the right classes.</p>

<p>If you cannot attend an Orientation session, keep in mind that UCLA academic advisors are dedicated to the Orientation sessions and may be unable to meet with you until after the summer sessions have ended.</p>

<h1>Students in the following schools are required to receive academic advising prior to enrolling in classes: Students in the School of the Arts & Architecture</h1>

<h1>School of Theater, Film, and Television</h1>

<h1>School of Engineering and Applied Science</h1>

<h1>School of Nursing</h1>

<p>College of Letters & Science
While students in The College are not required to attend an Orientation session, it is strongly urged that you do so. Departmental counselors in many academic areas will be meeting with you, and undeclared students will have the opportunity to explore areas of study by talking to advisors and attending various workshops designed for this purpose.</p>

<p>School of Arts & Architecture and School of Theater, Film & Television
Students in the School of Arts & Architecture and the School or Theater, Film & Television will have designated sessions available to you based on specific majors. If you are unable to attend one of your specific sessions please contact the Orientation Office at (310) 206-6685. While you will be able to attend a different session, we cannot guarantee that your departmental counselor will be available to meet with you at that time.


<p>It says L&S ppl don't have to attend but strongly advised.</p>

<p>we're gonna pre-party so you can come even if ur not going to the orientation</p>

"Students in the School of Arts & Architecture and the School or Theater, Film & Television will have designated sessions available to you based on specific majors."
I did not know that. Where can I find more info on those designated sessions?</p>