I love Justin Bieber!

<p>I'm listening to this song</p>

<p>Go burn. Now.</p>

<p>German? I don't know what that means. We don't use that in America.</p>

<p>Let's not forget when he is going through a revolving door and bangs his head on it. How do you bang your head on that?</p>

<p>She is very pretty.</p>

<p>That untalented hack's name is censored on my web browser. Why? I found a Firefox add-on called Shaved bieber. Try it. You'll like it!</p>

<p>^ I don't think Bieber has anything <em>to</em> shave.</p>

<p>^ Agree'd with mckyle9423.</p>

<p>You guys are haters.</p>

<p>Bieber 4 Life!</p>

<p>Though I generally don't like her songs, this one is kind of good.</p>

<p>I DO NOT like Justin Bieber.</p>

<p>jheezeee he's so ****ing overrated...i don't see anything special in him (no hater).</p>

<p>I'm just waiting for the moment his voice starts cracking and his careers goes down the toilet :D</p>

<p>people would like his songs more if he was a girl, i think. he should go by justina.</p>

he should go by justina.


im using that one lol</p>

<p>I heard he knife fights</p>

<p>haha when I first heard him on the radio I thought it was a girl ("one time").</p>

<p>Then I thought it was weird how a girl was singing about another girl.</p>

<p>^hahaa same! i used that song in a school project last year and i didn't even know it was a boy</p>

<p>like every little girl i know is obsessed with him. i guess he's kinda like the new aaron carter? lol</p>

<p>if he was a 16 yr old lesbian there'd be so many more fans and he's team up with lady gaga all the time, then she'd adopt him/her and a few years down the road, once it's legal, we'd realize they'd been having a love affair together and they'd get married.</p>

<p>Me plus you I'ma tell you one more time</p>

<p>this justine bieber has a nice voice :)</p>

people would like his songs more if he was a girl, i think. he should go by justina.


<p>agreed. I always think the beat at the beginning of his songs sound good..but once I hear the whiny girl voice, I stop listening.</p>