I love the school...do i stand a chance?

<p>Hello, I am currently a junior (white male) at the most competitive private high school in the midwest. It has a great reputation with many of the top universities across the country. For example we are getting kids with 3.2's and 1300's on SAT's into Washu and USC(La). </p>

<p>There is no class rank system at my school b/c it is so competitive, but I would def. be in the top 30%</p>

<p>GPA Unweighted=3.58
SAT-Math:730 Verbal:700 Writing:700
I have not taken the ACT, and don't plan on it.</p>

<p>I will have taken for AP's by the time I graduate, but I have not taken any AP exams yet so I am unsure of my scores. The AP's are in Economic, Biology, AB calculus, and Statistics.</p>

Sports-2 years of Varsity Football (I'm not very good)
3 Years of Varsity Wrestling and CAPTAIN of a team of 30. (State Qualifier)</p>

<p>I have been in the Boy Scouts of America for 8 Years and I am an Eagle Scout with many high additional Honors.
I direct and complete service projects once a month with my troop, and I have directed projects with over 200 man hours involved. For Example: I made wallet sized I.D. cards for poor city families and their children. These were equipped with fingerprints and proper photo I.D. and information on the cards. This project was highly recognized and a GREAT success that I will expand on to the colleges. I am of course still a very active member and leader of the troop.</p>

<p>Boy Scouts is the one EC I have totally dedicated my High School life to, so my school clubs are weak with only being an active participant in Cultures Within. </p>

<p>I will have excellent recommendations from my teachers, for I am a hard worker that has a great relationship with all teachers inside and outside of the classroom. And My essays will be great...but this is all incomplete so I can't bank on it just yet.</p>

<p>I am currently undecided, but I am interested in business.</p>

I think you have a great chance at Wake and keep in mind they like geographical diversity prospective students and they have a very highly ranked business accounting track with good placement in firms after passing exams. Make sure to apply to Match schools and also to grow to love them...Reach applications are very unpredictable, but also send off a couple of carefully chosen reaches. I consider you to be a Match for Wake. I have a S who was admitted but will not be attending. In our area, Wake is a very popular and is a highly thought of university and you will get a personal classroom education there. Also noteworthy is the level of fitness and interest in getting outdoors and supporting teams...lots of school spirit. I know three current Wake students and they are getting well-prepared for business and medicine. Being from the Midwest would be a plus for you at Wake Forest. best wishes</p>

<p>^^ thanx alot for your advice, I can't wait to visit there this summer</p>

<p>I am assuming you're from St. Louis, so am I. I'd say you have a really good chance. AIM: craigthedeac if you have any specific questions. Peace.</p>

<p>Wake is pretty good with bidness. I've heard that Calloway is pretty good too. I would say you're a match.</p>