I love this school, but can I get in?

<p>Currently I'm a junior in the top 10% of my class, but this may change depending on how well junior year goes. ._. My GPA, weighted, is 4.4; unweighted, it's around 3.8.</p>

<p>Freshman Year:
- Art I H (A--required a portfolio to get in)
- Algebra II HH (B--gorrammit)
- World Lit HH (A)
- French II H (A)
- Biology H (A)
- Global Studies H (A)</p>

<p>Sophomore Year:
- English 10 HH (A)
- French IV HH (A)
- Geometry HH (A)
- Chemistry Reg. (A)
- AP US History I (A)</p>

<p>Junior Year (grades listed only for the first quarter):
- English 11 HH (A)
- AP French Language and Culture (B)
- Trig/Calc HH (A)
- Physics H (A)
- AP US History II (B)</p>

<p>Projected Senior Year:
- AP Language and Composition
- AP French Literature
- AP Calculus (gunning for BC)
- AP Chemistry
- AP European History
- ...and some other elective to fill the practical arts credits. </p>

<p>I intend to take the SAT Subject Tests in US History, French, and Math. My extracurriculars are limited, due to laziness freshman year and illness sophomore year, but I intend to make up for it. This year, they include: French Club, French Honor Society, Math Honor Society, Peer Tutoring, Key Club, and possibly the school newspaper and yearbook. </p>

<p>My concern is that my classes aren't the toughest (no AP Physics or AP Calc this year, for example, thanks to that B in Algebra), which seems to be a big thing at some colleges. Plus, I had no extracurriculars until this year--I'm worried that it will look bad. Do I stand a chance?</p>

<p>I think your grades/class schedule won't be a problem. If you show depth and passion in your ECs, you should be well off, in my opinion.
I'm going to do what everyone does in this forum and point you here for the best information: Oberlin</a> Blogs | Blog Entry: "What are my chances?"
and here, as well: Oberlin</a> Blogs | Blog Entry: "What's in a GPA?"</p>

<p>also: I greatly appreciate the Firefly reference.</p>