I love this school. Do i have a good chance of getting in?

<p>Hey there, I'm a senior this year from a small town in Massachusetts and I really like Mount Holyoke. I'm also applying to Bryn Mawr (REALLY like this one as well), and Wellesley (not a fan, but my parents are), and a few other liberal arts schools (as well as several universities in the UK)
Here are my statistics:</p>

<p>GPA (weighted) 3.94
GPA (unweighted) 3.79</p>

<p>I take AP, honors and Accelerated classes at my school (I'm taking 7 academic courses this year, while the average course load is 4-5)</p>

<p>SATs; Math 670, Writing 700, CR 760 (2130 overall)
SAT 2s; US history 750, Bio 720
APs; US history 5, Enviro 5, and I'm taking Euro history, Psych and US gov this year.
I think my recommendations will be pretty great, and my interview was fantastic (the interviewer said it's as if I was already going there)</p>

President of my school's environmental action team, Junior Olympic sailor 4 years in a row (would like to continue in college on the Mt Holyoke/Amherst joint team), I work 12 hours a week at a local clothing store and babysit/tutor my neighbor for about 6 hours a week. I'm a mentor for a freshman history class, meaning I'm a mix between a teacher's aid and an upperclassman "role model". I'm also very involved in local politics.</p>

<p>so I'm just wondering if a I have a good chance of getting in, since they sent me a personalized holiday card today and I was reminded how much I absolutely LOVE this school.
Any advice is very appreciated.</p>


<p>Kind of surprised no one has responded. From an outside view, I would say you have an excellent chance at admission. Your stats are similar to my daughter's. She was admitted to MoHo last year but opted to go to that other woman's LAC down the road. ;)</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>sailorgirl2012 -- I have worked with a couple of young women who have applied and were accepted at Mt. Holyoke in recent years. Statistically, you have much stronger standardized test scores than any of them. ECs are comparable, as is your GPA. One young woman I worked with, who is now a junior at MHC, was never able to visit before applying, let alone interview. In sum, I think you stand a very good chance of being admitted.</p>

<p>I just got accepted to MHC a few days ago from ED. My test scores were almost exactly what yours were, and I think I probably have about the same for extracurriculars and GPA. I think Mt. Holyoke is based a lot off of how well the fit is for you as well. My interview went really well too, and I'd say if you had a fantastic interview like you said, then you're in good shape. :) Best of luck!</p>

<p>From your high school ECs it sounds like a lot of the type of work MHC women involve themselves in. Particularly politics and environmental action. Often the "missing link" for getting into schools is the "fit" and how well you connect with the school's mission and student body. </p>

<p>As a MHC graduate, you seem like a great fit with excellent stats as a bonus. While I wouldn't put all my eggs in one basket with MHC ( you just never know) I think you have an excellent chance at admission!</p>