<p>I have everything all in the envelope. i"ll mail it early tomorrow morning. I'm done... freaking done... done done done done...</p>

<p>I feel so relieved. how do u guys feel?</p>

<p>i feel not done</p>

<p>haha, why?</p>

<p>because I'm so scared I keep procrastinating finishing my activities essay
waiting for 60 seconds</p>

<p>the main one or the small one?</p>

<p>both sicne i am basing my small one on my main one- the small shouldn;t take that long though- i think im just gonna summarize my big one- im basically just editing my essay and then I need a conlcusion</p>

<p>yeah...still need to revise activities essay</p>

<p>it doesn;t help that my head is pounding</p>

<p>God... I revised my essays so much, that they don't even make sense to me anymore. So, I'm going to go to bed.. and re-read them with a fresh set of eyes.</p>

<p>good idea davidrune...i should probably get started on my hw too</p>

<p>me too. adding more words so that this can be 10 characters or more.</p>

<p>what homework haha yeah not doing that</p>

<p>if only I could be so nonchalant...</p>

<p>the problem is I can't be.. but I;m doing it anyway</p>

<p>ahh... I'm freaked out</p>

<p>i think we all r are! what did u guys do for common app essay?</p>

<p>my essay is on food.</p>

<p>being ostracized for reading romance novels and how i finally decided to stand up for them...i worry it's too silly or controversial</p>

<p>what about food?</p>

<p>hmm... I think mine is too silly. haosquared, do u wanna swap?</p>