I’m making a vacation photo/music video. Have a question!

So, I’m finally getting around to doing our Italy vacation last May. I’ve done about 6, anywhere between 20 to 50 minutes.

We just have probably 2k pics between the 4 of us. Probably 500-600 are good to use. But I can’t make a video that long, plus we have “video” to tack at the end.

Would you rather watch one scaled down version, or two that have all the great pics and videos?

I don’t think I can go past 50 minutes with this program, so could only do about 385 max.

Who is your audience?

The further away from your immediate circle of family and close friends, the less attention span…


Just the 4 of us. I don’t even know how much the boys will even watch them. DH and I make a night of it about once a year…we go traveling with our videos! Split a bottle of wine.

So, I guess if you had a video just for yourself with 500 awesome photos, would you cull them down or make 2?

Well…I think I would go with two shorter ones…just in case you don’t want to watch and watch and watch.

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I’ve made several of these over the years. I’ve learned the Shorter the better. Remove any photos that are even remotely duplicates of others (like if you spent a day at some kind of monument/attraction, put in one photo of you and your family in front of it, not 7 photos from different angles). Add music to it and really just move it along. If you are finding that there’s a point where it drags a little, your audience will feel that x 5.

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I gather the question isn’t which kind of video for an audience, but which kind would you want to watch of your own vacations. For myself, I would like one “highlight” video for times when I want to spark some memories, and then maybe a longer backup video for those long wine evenings. The shorter one could be the one you share.

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That’s a nice idea. I guess I really put alot of work into these videos and it’s a PITA to add the musIc and have it come in and end during different times of the vacation and particular slides. I literally get things down to the second. I don’t know if I’d have the motivation to make a short duplicate with the same photos. I’m so sick of looking at them when it’s done…haha. I think I spend a about 35-40 hours on one.

I was thinking the backup would be the photos that don’t make it into the highlight video. And since it would mainly just be for the two of you, it wouldn’t need to be so polished.

I like that idea!

I would rather have/watch a shorter video culled down to no more than 200-250 of the very best pictures. I think 20 mins or so of a one trip is plenty for us to watch. Anything longer and I may watch it once but not more than that.

But again, different strokes!!

Right now I’ve pulled everyone’s into it’s own category of place, things we did, etc. it’s will be so hard to cull…

Honestly I wouldn’t even watch a 50 minute video of my own vacation! The shorter the better, imho.


Just to add my 2c - I have more than 2,000 pics from my 10 day trip to Alaska with my best friend - we spend an afternoon once a year and look at them on my big screen TV - the trip was almost 20 years ago and we adore that afternoon! So many fun experiences together.

Now I make photo books when I travel and we love them as well. I journal each day and add that to the books.

I never tire of relooking at our travel photos - ever. Even the ones from Maui and I’ve been a dozen times. Each photo represents an experience and a feeling.

Do what you want to enjoy @conmama - don’t worry about an “audience” - these are your memories.

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