I made a careless mistake on my Harvard Application

In my last essay, where I was talking about my main ec skiing, at the very end paragraph, “Skiing helped taught me the struggles…” I forgot to delete the word “helped”. I was proud of the rest of the essay and my other essays, and I think my application was really good compared to my other schools. Especially my art portfolio, I spent hours perfecting it. But now I feel terrible that I noticed this. I proofread it many times but since it was the last sentence somehow it got unnoticed. Will this mistake significantly affect my admission?

I would not worry one minute about this. It will not affect your application. AOs know that we all make silly errors like that.


While not a major oversight, its significance / impact depends upon the mindset of the reader at the time of the reading. More important is the message contained in your writing.

What is done is done. Better to focus on things within your control at this time.

User posted in January. Clearly, what’s done is done since decisions came out long ago. Closing. If the OP returns and wants to update, they can request I reopen