I made alternate...now what??? color guard

<p>Colorgurad tryouts were today.
I thought I had a good audition, compared to some girls who dropped their flags, and such.
Well my supposed 'best friend' makes the team. And I made alternate.
Alternates are required to go to ALL practices, ALL camps, and ALL exhibitions, games, out of town competitions etc.
The thing is-I'm not guranteed to perform this year-at all. Even though the coaches said usually an alternate gets to perform once. The cost is almost $700.00, and I won't really get to do anything, except watch. I am not friends with many of the girls on the team, and therfore, I don't like many of them either.
My 'best friend' tonight, goes into her online journal and writes:
'I'm sooo happy I made the team and I'm NOT an alternate'.
I didn't thinks friends did $hit like that.
I don't know weather or not do take the alternate spot.
If they go in order, alternates in first..., I was last on the alternate list, but I don't know if thats the order they go in.
I am going to be a sophmore, and if I do alternate-I think I'm 'guranteed' a spot next year on the team.
But-I also need to take 'dance' as a course at school, where I could take something fun, or double my math courses, or a 'career selection class'.
Since I made it as an alternate I will still need to take dance. If I drop alternate I'll be able to drop dance.
If I don't accept 'alternate':
I will also get to golf this summer for a junior league, and play soccer in the fall, possibly do a junior yacht sailing camp, tennis, whatever I want to do...so I can get involved...and then hopefuly have a chance to play soccer for my school in the Spring, if I get involved in the recreation departments soccer program. I will also be able to drop that pointless dance class at school.
I wanted to get involved, but I don't know if an alternate is the best way. I'll be considered a tag-along. Ya know?? What do you guys suggest??
Thanks soo much for your time.

<p>You guys have to pay to be in color guard? Wow...</p>

<p>It really depends how much you like color guard. It seems like that you have plenty of opportunities to get involved even without colorguard. Even if you were an alternate this year, you probably would have a higher chance of being on the team next year (being a jr. and the sr. graduating). </p>

<p>If I were you, I wouldn't take the alternate position. You said yourself that you didn't like alot of people on the team. And you can drop dance class and take other stuff. But again, it really depends how much you like dancing and guard. Our color guard rehearse ALOT!</p>

<p>Ok that was a little repetitive... but thats ok!</p>

<p>The alternate position sounds stupid. It really does. I would tell my daughter not to do it. Use that time for someting that will be more rewarding. Right now, you are mad and disapointed. Understandable. BUt why be part of something that creates a second class of colorguards, who are there for really no reason that I can see.</p>

<p>What I would envision is a second class treatment by the real "colorguard". Your friend has already proved that. Imagine, the "real color" guard will do stuff together, celebrate together, get their pictures taken, wile the alternates who do almost as much work, get nothing. Is that something you would want? If you are frustrated, imagine being right in the middle of it. You are their back up. Even understudies in plays get parts. Even third string players get on the field once in a while. On a sports team, usually everyone plays sometimes. It sounds like a way to put some money in the bank. Jeesh, does anyone actually do the alternate route?</p>

<p>If anyone asks, say yeah, I made alternate, but decided to do golf, yachting, and all this other great stuff. I am really excited about that. </p>

<p>If you don't show your disappointment, then people will be happy for you. You have missed nothing. </p>

<p>Pull yourself up, find something you really like to do and have a great highschool life!!!!</p>

<p>Your instincts are telling you what to do. By the time next year's tryouts come around, you won't even care about color guard. You will be doing so much other stuff and having so much fun, it will seem really far away and trivial.</p>

<p>wow-thanks so much you two. I think you've made everything 'clear' now. I totally agree-now that I think about it my 'friend' has already made it clear, that I'm not wanted. THANKS A ZILLON!</p>

<p>bump bump bump</p>

<p>I wouldn't do it, there don't seem to be many advantages. </p>

<p>I played lacrosse and there were many games where I didn't get on the field for even a second, and I payed $45. So don't assume that.</p>

<p>I was a drum major in high school..I saw our guard alternates....didn't seem like fun. A lot of money to do...well...nothing...except go to everything on the schedule. I'd check out any dance teams etc that might be at your school.</p>

<p>wow i'm so happy that there was finally a color guard thread on cc =). but wow. you guys have to pay a lot for guard. is it for equipment? b/c if thats the case then u'd havta pay that next year if you make the team anyways, so the money issues isn't that bad. but i think being alternate does kinda suck. maybe you should talk to the cg coach and ask whether there is an order for the alternates, and if she/he is understanding talk to them about how you're feeling about this whole situation. but i do know that being part of a guard alternates are needed b/c there are times when people cannot show up to a competition/game. but it is all about how much time you want to put into it and if you truly love guard and dancing.</p>