<p>Colorgurad tryouts were today.
I thought I had a good audition, compared to some girls who dropped their flags, and such.
Well my supposed 'best friend' makes the team. And I made alternate.
Alternates are required to go to ALL practices, ALL camps, and ALL exhibitions, games, out of town competitions etc.
The thing is-I'm not guranteed to perform this year-at all. Even though the coaches said usually an alternate gets to perform once. The cost is almost $700.00, and I won't really get to do anything, except watch. I am not friends with many of the girls on the team, and therfore, I don't like many of them either.
My 'best friend' tonight, goes into her online journal and writes:
'I'm sooo happy I made the team and I'm NOT an alternate'.
I didn't thinks friends did $hit like that.
I don't know weather or not do take the alternate spot.
If they go in order, alternates in first..., I was last on the alternate list, but I don't know if thats the order they go in.
I am going to be a sophmore, and if I do alternate-I think I'm 'guranteed' a spot next year on the team.
But-I also need to take 'dance' as a course at school, where I could take something fun, or double my math courses, or a 'career selection class'.
Since I made it as an alternate I will still need to take dance. If I drop alternate I'll be able to drop dance.
If I don't accept 'alternate':
I will also get to golf this summer for a junior league, and play soccer in the fall, possibly do a junior yacht sailing camp, tennis, whatever I want to do...so I can get involved...and then hopefuly have a chance to play soccer for my school in the Spring, if I get involved in the recreation departments soccer program. I will also be able to drop that pointless dance class at school.
I wanted to get involved, but I don't know if an alternate is the best way. I'll be considered a tag-along. Ya know?? What do you guys suggest??
Thanks soo much for your time.

<p>dont be an alternate. if colorguard is not ur thing... then dont do it. i mean, u can use that precious time to find something where you are the star at. hypothetically, say u are really good at art. ur college will be a lot happier with ur app if u sent a portfolio of really amazing art works rather than learning that you were an alternate colorguard. its a waste of time</p>

<p>bump bump bump</p>