I made Big Mistake...what should I do?

<p>I sent in 3 recommendations, 2 teacher and 1 optional. I used another teacher to do the optional one but now I realize that the optional rec is going to be better than either two. What should I do? Call them up and ask them to replace a teacher rec with the optional teacher rec?? Do they weigh the two teachers one a lot more even though the optional one is from a teacher??</p>

<p>I think they'll be weighed pretty much equally. Don't worry about it. Calling now for them to change it would just be a semantics issue. They'll read all of them.</p>

<p>i doubt it, i dont think you have anything to worry about. im sure they look at them all the same, i dont think they measure recs on a point system or anything</p>

<p>Nothin you can do about it now, I don't think it'll matter much anyways.</p>

<p>You are way over analyzing the process. They will read all 3 recs, and know that they're all from teachers. Stop worrying!</p>

<p>thanks for the comments
I'm just now worried that one of the teacher recs isn't bad but not that good either cuz that teacher doesn't know me that well. I shouldn't have sent that one in in the first place. I hope that wont hurt. Oh well, what can I do now. T_T</p>

<p>yeah not a lot, lol, its done with. just sit back and relax (or not) for another month waiting for that envelope.</p>

<p>Yea I'm sure it's fine. They're obviously going to try to write good things about you.
Good luck!</p>

<p>i think all three have the same weight...i think it's an overall feel they're looking for</p>

<p>I sure do hope that they don't have a scale or point system for every part (recs, ECs like the ivies)</p>