I messed up real bad

I attended a 4 yr college spring of 2016 in hopes that I would be able to get a dependency override thus giving me an opportunity to receive financial aid. Unfortunately neither of this happened and my dependency override was not approved. Fast forward to spring 2017 , I applied and also filled for a dependency override at a community college. My override was accepted but due to the fact that I went through the same process with my previous college and wasn’t approved I decided to go at it with a fresh mindset and not tell the community college about my prior college experience. It has now been 3-4 semesters and I am now finding out that if an institution found out about you attending another school and not enclosing in to them , you can be expelled. I am planning on transferring from the community college to another 4 yr . I am scared and want help on what my next option should be because I didn’t know that something like this could get messy. I just thought I would be able to have a fresh start.

Go talk with your advisor at your CC and see if this can be fixed. If you are completing an associates degree, they probably are required to have your previous transcripts on file. In my observation, community colleges are pretty understanding about their students’ ugly, messy academic pasts.

Wishing you all the best!