I messed up

<p>I forgot to put down my AP scores on my commonapp. I've only taken 1 AP (my school doesn't offer many) and it was a 5 in US History. Would this be a large issue as I received a 800 on my US History subject test, and my transcript shows that I am scheduled to take 4 more AP exams? Should I send the schools a letter explaining my mistake? Also, I'm applying to most selective schools</p>

<p>I really wouldn't bother. APs are only supposed to be used for placement anyways, not admission. And it's only 1 score anyway.
I'm sure colleges would be able to figure out that you're good at history from your 800 on the USHistory SAT.</p>

<p>ok thanks I just needed that reassurance</p>

<p>yeah and if you want just send them your ap scores through the collegeboard</p>

<p>wouldn't it make more sense for me to do it in July when I choose the school I'm going to attend and take the 4 other AP tests?</p>


<p>I agree; just send them the scores in July.</p>