I messsed up on duke supplementt!!!!!!! help!

<p>I submitted my Duke supplement, and on it I indicated that I would be submitting an artistic supplement. However, I just realized that my music CD is not 10 to 15 minutes long (it's around 6, although it contains 2 pieces) as the website says it should be, so I don't think I will be sending in an artistic supplement. What should I do?</p>

<p>contact the admissions office, tell them your problem</p>

I just emailed them. Will they think I'm irresponsible for not double checking?</p>

<p>before I submitted the supplement, I mean.</p>

<p>No, just tell them that you wish to withdraw your artistic supplement from consideration and that you won't be sending it so that they know not to expect it before marking your files complete.</p>

<p>thanks so muchhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
btw can you guys read my commonapp essay?</p>

<p>I am not sure I would say I wanted to withdraw my supplement. Don't come up with solution....Offer alternatives to admissions and see what they say.</p>

<p>How about augmenting it with another 8 minutes next week. I bet they would take it. If you are good enough to make a CD don't give up. </p>

<p>Duke cares about its many artistic venues and likes to land a few top players believe me. There are tons of kids at Duke that can play very well, but not so many who submit CDs. There is no conservatory at Duke and many players move on to focusing on studies first/ music a couple days a week.</p>

<p>My son took lessons most of his years and loved his teacher greatly but didn't submit a CD...because he is not good enough for special consideration but he was good enough to enjoy the Symphony for four years a lot. However, he only put in two evenings a week...</p>

<p>too late......I sent duke 2 emails already. they haven't responded, but it's hard to call them because I am in a different time zone</p>

<p>Plus they are probably a little busy these days handling all those ED decisions and mailing out those acceptance packets. Your best bet in any case, especially with Duke Admissions Office, is to just call them and leave a message if you can. You might get a faster response that way.</p>