I missed a few days of classes cause my feet were sore from standing all day any good orthotics?

I always wear sweat pants and ankle socks, but after 3 to 4 hours on my feet, my back started to hurt and felt like I was about to collapse.

Someone told me this could be a documented disability. I don’t have interest in there $900 a month. -_-

Crocs plus a good insole works for me.

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Ahhh, thats cute. It isnt easy to get disability as a 30 year old with zero documented physical issues.

Seriously. Try the compression socks. Do some core exercises to increase strength. Take some over the counter meds. Roll out with a foam roller or tennis ball. Stretch. Use ice or heat.

I’ll try compression socks, but I need to buy 100 pairs since my socks rip quickly and get’s holes easily, I always wear the Fruit of the Loom and Hanes socks since they are cheaper at Walmart :slight_smile:

Then why does my feet hurt from standing 3-4 hours, something must be wrong.

If this issue is impacting me from being on my feet and going to class, what’s going to happen when I’m in an hospital or lab.

@napnemeanix This is why I say you are just giving excuses. I’m not trying to be negative but over the past couple years of posts you seem to have excuses for every bit of advice given.

You had a post a few days ago asking for suppliers of scrubs. (My daughter orders the Cherokee line from Amazon by the way.) If you’re wearing scrubs no one will see your socks!! So that’s a ridiculous excuse to not wear the high support socks you may need to comfortably and safely work in what I believe is your chosen career. You just missed several days of class because your feet hurt… how do you expect to work multiple 12 hour shifts???


I’m all for saving a buck, but this is an area you would be best served to get professional advice. It’s possible your podiatrist can prescribe a certain level (I don’t remember the term used) of compression and insurance will pay for it. If not, investing in a few pairs is well worth it. The ones I have are high quality and do not wear out easily.

You dont need 100 pairs of compression socks.

Its normal for your feet to hurt.
There likely isnt anything physically wrong. You just arent used to actually doing work.


The million dollar question I don’t have the answer too, how will I survive 12 hours don’t know plus I’ll stick to ankle socks much comfortable, shoes are the issue here, I tried clogs and made my feet sweet, it felt like I got out of a shower.

My feet don’t when I move in an aerobic way, like a kick that’s going 5 mph with the weight force of 15 lb, also good self defense tactic :slight_smile: that type of physical work it can handle but standing 3 hours it starts to ache something is not right.

Maybe I do need to exercise them in a different way.

My feet and legs hurt every day.

Its called working and getting older. Welcome to adulting.

Whens the last time you went on a 3 hour hike? When people first start exercising its normal for their muscles and joints to hurt.

This is more of a physical conditioning and mental health issue than a medical problem.


Agreed. And work ethic issue.


This post is ridiculous. The OP has had tons of useful advice and should be responding with “thanks everyone, I’ll make an appointment with a podiatrist/physician etc…”