I missed a few days of classes cause my feet were sore from standing all day any good orthotics?

Good evening, users

I’ve been standing 6 hours straight on my feet, moving back and forth. When my feet start to hurt so did my back, felt like collapsing, had to rest for a few days.

I’ve tried all the Orthotics and they don’t work, even tried using different style of shoes no justice for that either.

Only thing that worked was my feet wrapped in MMA wraps, not wearing shoes.

I have a reason never to like shoes again. Having my feet wrapped was so comfortable and I did not feel any pain, after hours of standing, I tested this method outside my home.

All facilities especially chemistry labs require closed shoes, same for all work areas. Like if something heavy dropped on a person and it hit their toe cause it was half expose, then that’s a huge issue there due to not wearing closed shoes.

Why is this happening to me, I’m only 30 and want to improve

“The body might as well add another issue”, while it’s at it. :roll_eyes:

What can I do?


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I love wearing Dansko clogs for long days in the lab. Have you tried them?


Clogs why didn’t I think of that.

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Maybe get orthotics from a podiatrist. I walk / run 5 miles a day. My feet killed til a year ago. I winced every day. Yep they were hundreds of dollars. but we’ll worth it. I wear them inside my running shoes over the pad. They Corte t the arch issue.


Another vote for Dansko clogs.

A third vote for Dansko clogs

Get orthotics fitted by podiatrist. And wear whatever shoes they suggest.


What if that doesn’t work, I don’t want to wear shoes anymore lol, I like my feet comfortable wrapped in wraps :slight_smile:

Here’s a story about why you need closed toe shoes in the lab. One of my colleagues a few labs ago, was in his office footwear, aka his Birkenstocks. He was moving a lamp in the lab, you know, real quick, not really doing lab work. This lamp had a concrete base, and of course he dropped it accidentally on his foot. Broke a few toes and needed upwards of 10 stitches on his foot. I can tell you more “inspirational” stories for safety wear in the lab. They involve mostly eyes, and some fainting. Wear your safety gear. Keep yourself intact!


I am a Podiatrist that treats injury. Get evaluated. You might have something that needs to be treated. Orthotics alone doesn’t always do it.

To be part of ACFAS.Org you have to be board certified. Find someone there.

Good Luck.


Dansko clogs and knee-high medical grade support socks(sized based in calf measurements). Many a doctor uses this combination to stand all day with minimal issues. Agree with the advice to get evaluated by a specialist as well, to rule out a medical condition.


Since you are considering a nursing career (I believe that’s still your plan)… You should definitely see a specialist to rule out other issues. A career in healthcare requires a lot of time on your feet.

I also second the recommendation to wear along with support/compression socks.

To be blunt, this excuse sounds like you aren’t genuinely interested in advice.

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Nurses and others on feet all day swear by compression socks

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If what you really like is your feet in your wraps, is it possible to find shoes that meet the lab requirements that you could wear over the wraps? Just size up? Maybe something lightweight like crocs professional line (realizing this doesn’t have smash protection but not sure what your lab actually requires).

But yes, I second the advice to see a podiatrist; they offer the best advice for whatever is going on with your feet.

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Im running on my feet 12 hours a day at work. Compression socks- I like Sockwells.
Strengthening core muscles.
I recommend going to a store for runners and asking to be fit tested for shoes. Cheap shoes are useless. You need support.
I cant do Danskos at all. They kill my feet.

I would consult a medical provider who could give you recommendations based on your actual issue.

Been working in healthcare over 25 years. Never had a coworker (or student) miss class because their feet hurt.


How is this an excuse?

I only wear ankle socks, I can’t do long socks, they make my legs look weird.

With long pants on nobody can see your legs.

I have a few coworkers who can only wear crocs and/or zero drop shoes.


You should be wearing long pants in the lab anyway.