I Missed My Online College Visit

I registered for a virtual UNC Chapel Hill college visit, but my phone died last night because I forgot to put it on the charger and so my alarm never went off. When I woke up, I’d completely missed the entire thing. I registered with my full name and everything so I am afraid they will see that I missed the visit and think I am not interested in their university. And my chances already are not so high because I am applying OOS (out-of-state). I re-registered for this coming Friday, but I’m still worried. Does this hurt my chances of getting accepted?

Don’t worry. I’ve done that multiple times this past couple of months. Surprisingly, I missed my UPenn virtual visit, but a month later, I received a fee waiver code in the mail. I don’t think they’re paying too much attention to who is attending, especially if they say that they don’t consider demonstrated interest (look up if UNC does because idk). I highly doubt that this would hinder your chances of acceptance because the whole point of the virtual visits is to be more accessible during this time of unprecedented inaccessibility. Sometimes things happen, especially during a pandemic, so they would not make the assumption that you no longer care. Finally, everyone is missing virtual visits right now. I think it’s safe to assume that they will not care at all.

I wouldn’t worry. According to their CDS, interest is not considered.

Okay. Thank you!

Not sure why you’d pay triple the tuition to go OOS anyway.

@coolguy40 you seem really focused on why OOS kids shouldn’t consider UNC, but you don’t know anyone’s circumstances but your own. Good luck to all.