i must be the biggest loser on this site ever

<p>ive posted a lot but nobody ever responds :(!

<p>What are my chances of getting in?
(usc, ucla, ucsd, ucb, unc chapel hill, michigan, northwestern, uw)????????</p>

<p>Asian girl from Seattle, at competitive private school</p>

<p>SAT1: 1390
SAT2: WRiting 800
Math 1 700
Math 2 690
Literature 700</p>

<p>gpa 3.85 (unweighted)
Ranked in top 10% of class</p>

<p>Took most rigorous curriculum at school:
Honors Science (all 4 years)
Honors English (all 4 years)
honors math (all 4 years)</p>

<p>Ap classes taken:
AP calc, ap chem (all that my school offers)</p>

<p>National Honor Society
Accomplished pianist of 11 years
250+ hrs of volunteer work (soup kitchens and food distribution organizations, childrens hospital, helping mentally disabled children)
job as paid tutor
Spanish Club
Multicultural Awareness Club
Involved as leader in school activities/retreats (specifically geared towards helping underclassmen)
4 Academic Letters
track and field
who'd who among american high school students
Honor Roll at school</p>

<p>I (heart) the OC</p>

<p>You are likely in at all of them except Northwestern, which is a reach. Good list, although you might want a couple more reaches, like Penn or Brown</p>

<p>usc-yes, ucla-yes, ucsd-yes, ucb-reach (out of state), unc chapel hill - decent shot (out of state), michigan (submit now your fine), northwestern (reach), uw (safety)</p>

<p>btw you guys are SO tight because u responded and nobody talks to me on this site. thanks!</p>

<p>hey :) your stats are great...no way are you a looser. I think you could even shoot a little higher and add a couple of real reaches..the biggest reach on your list so far is Northwestern. Who knows...I would apply to a true reach school, maybe an ivy like Cornell or Penn, just to see--I think cornell would be a realistic reach for you.</p>

<p>I'm a seattlite myself...Issaquah, actually :)</p>

<p>best of luck to you!

<p>hey thanks for the posts! i like how you people are normal and nice, unlike a lot of people on this site who are like--BOO u dont have a 1500, u are done for life. anyways, any of u guys know how much emphasis they put on essays (usc/unc/michigan) primarily?</p>

<p>UNC is a reach out of state. Seriously, it's insane.</p>

<p>Hey Panther...I think people mellow out a bit once they actually hit college and things get put in a bit more of a perspective ;)</p>

<p>Unfortunately I can't answer your question :( I would say just put your best effort into the essays...judging by your writing SATII (congrats, BTW!) you should be able to pull of a good essay.</p>

<p>i know it looks like i can write, but im not exactly sure how i got such a good writing score (?) and it came semi-out of nowhere...lol...so im deadly worried on essays</p>

<p>Well then I'd give lots of time to think about it, and give copies to people you respect for proofreading/comments. And talk over your ideas with people...I always found that brainstorming with others was a highly effective method of generating good ideas.</p>