I must know!

<p>Is Sweden really filled with beautiful and intelligent women like the rumors say??? i didnt know if this was an appropriate study abroad topic so i posted the thread here haha.</p>

<p>Yeah, but it doesn't have any good universities.</p>

<p>really what about lund and stockholm???</p>

<p>I was kidding. It was a joke.</p>



<p>What isn't a joke is how much everything costs up there....</p>

<p>Aren't most universities free?</p>

<p>(well not free, but already paid for by taxpayers)</p>

<p>oh hahaha nice one ya got me but seriously enough talk about universities.....lets talk about da ladies</p>

<p>Do you find blond hair and variously coloured light eyes automatically attractive? If so, then yes, Sweden's teeming with hotties. Also, it's Europe, so the percentage of overweight people is notably less than in America, so that helps with, erm, visual appeal. Yeah.</p>

<p>Looking for love?</p>

<p>yes i am haha</p>

<p>Hi, I am a new member of forum. Would a newcomer be warmly welcome here? Good day you guys!!!</p>


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<p>yea of course, welcome haha</p>

Also, it's Europe, so the percentage of overweight people is notably less than in America


<p>The same is true for everywhere in the world, not just Europe. Even Canada has less overweight people (but then again, it also has less [everything that's bad in America]).</p>

<p>Is it just me, or does Northeastern Europe (And possibly including Switzerland) produce a remarkably amount of very fair, attractive blonde people?</p>

<p>^ That's kind of the typical physique for people from that area.</p>

<p>^ Yes, quite common. File:Hair</a> color in Europe map.png - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia</p>

<p>As you can see, Northeastern Europe is where the blondes are. On May 29th, there was a Blonde Parade in Riga, Latvia. Google it. Lots of attractive girls. ;)</p>

<p>hahaha that's a pretty interesting map.......tell me more</p>