I need a new perspective

<p>I'm not sure how much this has to do with transferring, but I do not really know where else to put it.</p>

<p>I attend a top public university. It was my top choice school and I have gotten involved in a bunch of clubs here. For whatever reason, I didn't think that the big classes would affect my education in the way that they have. I really despise the fifteen minute walk to my 450+student econ lecture, only to have no interaction with the professor. On top of that, my TA is terrible. At this big school, I also feel a bit anonymous. </p>

<p>Any advice on how to cope with this? I just chose my classes for next semester and it seems that 2 of my classes will have at least 200 people in them. I am doing well academically, I just don't like the learning environment as much as I thought it would. </p>

<p>If I were to transfer, I know that smaller schools typically have quite low acceptance rates.</p>

<p>I'm not too sure why I put this here...maybe I just needed to vent haha</p>

<p>Look for seminar type classes whenever possible. Also, it will get better as you finish your subject area requirements and start taking higher level courses.</p>

<p>And remember, each size school has it's own positive points and problems. D1 transferred from a top public (ca. 6k fr class) to a school of about 5k undergrads. While she liked the smaller size overall, she realized that there were some positives to the larger school. For instance, it was much more difficult scheduling classes in the smaller school because courses were offered only certain semesters and usually only once a semester. There was much more flexibility with the larger school, popular courses offered every semester and with choices of different times.</p>

I know that smaller schools typically have quite low acceptance rates.


<p>It depends on the school, but it is true that for a top public, many similar level privates have lower transfer than fr admission rates.</p>

<p>Finally, EVERY school has their share of poor teachers and TAs.</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice. I just registered for classes and have one 2 smaller classes and one with less than 50. My other 2 are in big lecture halls. My friend and I were talking and we decided that big lectures really are not conducive to learning. This may be good if one has no interest in the subject being taught, but so far I have loved my classes and wish that I could interact more with the course material.</p>