I need advice about my schedule for next year

<p>I just found out that the only othe science class available for me was AP Chemistry..but I really dont want to take it :/
the teacher is a *****! and I really dont like chemistry
I took AP Physics B this year and got an A as the final grade.
Should I just stop there and not take a science next year? o_O</p>

<p>Next year, I will be in AP Eng Lit and AP Calc.
This year I took AP History, Eng Comp, and Physics B--received an A in all.</p>

<p>hmm hmmm hmm help please?
btw, i want to major in something humanities based-- history, international relations</p>

<p>*****I am also going to be a senior. Im applying to HYPS</p>

<p>Then don't take it. Simple, no? Maybe you can take AP (something) history instead?</p>

<p>^ Is it really that simple?
I just need to know how important the sciences are when applying to HYP...they always state that an applicant should take the most challenging course work available</p>

<p>I didn't take science my senior year. Took four other AP's though.</p>

<p>hmm thanks :)</p>