I need advice: Top tier school in engineering [MIT, Caltech, Stanford etc reach]

I need some advice on how my profile looks like. I’m not asking for someone to chance me, but I just need to know if my stats are competitive enough to be somewhat considered competitive at top tier engineering schools for CS.

I’m not applying to college just yet, but here goes.

US-translated 3.9 UW GPA, top 2 percent of class

10 Saylor Academy certificates [I know, why did I do this] and 5’s on [AP] Calc BC, Physics C: M, Psych, Chem, CSP, 4 on AP Lit

1580 SAT, 36 ACT [Perfect scores in math and science, near-perfect in English/reading

I hope to make it to IOI somehow, at least do well on the selection tests in my country. 2 CS and programming internships, tutoring CS and math, proficient in 4 programming languages, Girls Can Code Summer Immersion and hoping for Curie Academy

Few medals in state math and science olympiads, published in 10 international literary journals, 4 years of Model UN and awards, Harvard alum-mentored research project, basketball school team, digital design business

International student applying for financial aid

Any input appreciated, thanks!

You should be competitive with admitted students in those programs, though international admission rates are very, very low, even for fully qualified candidates.

Have you taken the coursework mentioned, along with the AP exams, in the equivalent of high school? I’m not familiar with “Saylor Academy Certificates” and their site doesn’t mention any of those courses.

I know admission rates are staggeringly low for internationals, but I’m only trying to be competitive enough to be considered for now and shooting my chances [kinda].

I have self-studied for the AP exams, and AP Calc BC and AP CSP with Stanford Online High School. Saylor Academy has free college level classes and gives college credit [paid] or free certificates [which I have]. Course Completion Certificates | Saylor Academy

Thank you for your input!

Sorry for being confusing. I have edited the post to make AP scores clear

It’s weird editing with this forum. To be clear I have 10 Saylor certificates in college classes, and a 5 on AP Calc BC, Chem, Physics C: M, CSP, so completely different things

Closing thread. The OP is a freshman. While we allow users to post projected / wish they eill happen stats, they need to be clearly labeled as such. OP is leading others to believe they are actualities.