I need ADVICE!!!!!!

<p>Hey everyone! I am looking to apply early restrictive action at Georgetown, but I'm in a sticky situation. Below, is my SAT score from January, but since then I have been practicing and improving. I am looking to retake the SAT in October along with subject tests in November and possibly December (working toward 2160). I will also take ACT in September (working towards 33). I feel my scores in the following months will more accurately reflect my ability. Furthermore, I am looking to improve substantially my first semester of senior year. However, the early restrictive action application date is November 1st, and I believe Georgetown won't see my first semester grades of senior year. I'm afraid I will get deferred, then rejected, from my dream school if I apply early, because I am lacking in academic performance. Do I still apply early-restrictive action? Do I even apply early decision/early action anywhere? Could some of you offer me guidance/advice on what next steps I should take in the application process. I also added my extra-curricular activities below if you need to refer to them.</p>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<p>SAT: 1900

<p>-National Honor Society
-Spanish Honor Society
-Cornell University Summer College
-Student exchange to Spain
-Vice President of Spanish Club
-Hindu Sunday School
-Varsity Soccer Team Member
-Club soccer team captain
-worked for family tax preparation business
-Clubs:chess, key club, future business leaders of america, distributive education clubs of america, end racism and sexism everywhere, indian cultural club, ski club
-over 100 hours community service
-GPA is mediocre (B to B+) and I fall in the top 18% in my school.</p>

<p>You are correct that your current SAT score could prove deadly, with the CR score being downright awful by GU standards. But a Nov. 1 deadline will give you plenty of time to get newer scores in before the EA decisions are made.
The bigger problem is that your GPA is, as you correctly note, mediocre, and even your ECs are underwhelming, so I just don’t think the odds of admission are high.
If there is no other school at which you’d rather be, then perhaps you should apply EA anyway just because there is no greater expression of interest in a school and EA (or ED elsewhere) is appropriate for your shot at your dream school. But to be candid, you might be better off taking your “early” shot at another school, if there is another one that you really love and where your chances of admission would be higher.</p>

<p>WCASParent - Do you believe there is anything I can do now to strengthen my extra-curriculars? I am willing to make great strides right now to be considered a qualified applicant.</p>

<p>Most adcoms view senior year changes in ECs with a (justifiable) degree of suspicion.
That being said, adcoms are also wary of istudents who seem to be compiling a laundry list of ECs. They care more about sustained commitment and leadership roles in a few, preferably diverse, ECs.</p>

<p>bumppp…anyone??? what do you thinkk?? I want to display my passion for business with an extra-curricular I can take part in now!! HELPPP</p>

<p>Wait - apply RD after you get all of your testing completed. The Adcomm will be looking for passionate, sustained commitment in your ECs, not an additional EC you added senior year. But if you want to join a new club, join it, don’t worry about how it affects your college apps. Life is short. H.S. is shorter.</p>

<p>The admissions officer when I visited recommended everyone apply early. You may get deferred, but they will see your senior grades in your mid-year report and your new SAT scores.</p>

<p>of course he recommended everyone apply rea - that means that gtowns stats get better. honestly, i find your GPA more concerning than your testing. Testing can just be one bad day. GPA has evidence from all four years of high school. Honestly, Gtowns success rate doesn’t change materially between ea and rd, so I’d apply ED somewhere else and try that - its your best shot anywhere.</p>

<p>Chance me back?</p>

<p>if georgetown is your dream school, apply to it early. dont let people tell you that you wont get in. these people dont know anything. i’m not saying that i do, but just about nobody on college confidential is employed by georgetown to read applications. however unlikely it may be, it’s always worth a shot. good luck!</p>