I need advice

<p>At the end of next semester I am going to have 112 overall credits. The problem is that 20 are from education, 60 are from general education requirements, and the other 32 are from pre-reqs needed for any health profession school such at physical therapy or physcians assistant. I am not sure I want to go down that career path anymore. In order to even go to those grad schools I need a 4 year degree. The problem is that all of my credits are just mixed throughout and the most I really have towards a degree is 60 credits. I really decided that I want to get a business degree with out a doubt. So my question is, do I try to transfer to a top 25 business program and spend 2 years there to get a degree, or do I stay at my current school with a non-accredited business program and graduate from there with a business degree? I was looking at schools like villanova, lehigh, drexel, temple. I have a 3.92 overall gpa but terrible SAT score (not sure if that would really matter b/c I have so many credits completed already). I really need advice on what I should do if I want to get a business degree and most likely pursue a job in business while at the same time I will always have my pre-reqs for health profession grad school if I decided to go that route. Thanks for the help.</p>

<p>sat's won't matter too much this far along in the game</p>

<p>but only semester away from graduating, it seems pretty late for you to be transferring...putting in an extra two years at another college seems pretty far-fetched, to me...I would advise you to finish up your degree next semester and if you're willing to put in another two years worth of college as you said you were, put those two years towards grad school rather than working towards a degree you almost have already</p>


<p>Im not close to any degree though...? I have 112 credits but nothing towards a degree besides 60 credits</p>

<p>the other 52 credits don't count towards any degree in your school?</p>

<p>20 were education credits so they are wasted......then 60 were gen ed credits so those count...but the other 32 are pre reqs for health profession grad school so those are wasted....only the 60 credits of gen ed requirements would count towards business degree whether i would transfer to good business program or stay at my unaccredited program for business</p>

<p>When you mean an unaccredited business program at your current school, do you mean it your school is not like a State University, rather more a for-profit commercial vocational school? </p>

<p>If what you want is a State University type education (Arizona State, University of Arizona, or a private LAC, etc) - then what you need to do is transfer with your 60 credits.</p>

<p>The other 20 education credits and 32 health profession credits - they aren't wasted. They add to your versatility, insights into other career paths, strong study habits, and maybe most importantly, learning what you do NOT want to do anymore. Use this as leverage for your future transfer plans.</p>

<p>So, based on what little I've heard, yes - you want to go to a regular university track program and get a degree that is accredited. </p>


<p>If you could tell us what school you currently attend (similar qx to what annika~ has asked), we could probably advise better.</p>

<p>I should wait to hear that answer before weighing in, but I won't ;):</p>

<p>I do think this is a valid reason for transfer. You can certainly apply to top-25 business schools, but I would STRONGLY recommend that you also apply to schools with high to very high transfer admission rates, so long as the schools have the business programs you want.</p>

<p>Another option, a little different from your current thinking, is to finish your current degree and start working. Then apply for an MBA. I think the market (both for grad schools and for job prospects) for those combining health profession education/experience and business education/experience is a strong and growing one.</p>

<p>I go to a PA state school, East Stroudsburg University. My school is regionally accredited but the business program is not accredited by the AACSB. What do you think would be my chances at Villanova, Lehigh, Temple, Drexel's business programs? Any coments/suggestions are appreciated...am I gonna be looked down upon having 112 credits but only transfering 60?</p>