I need advice

<p>I am currently at Hawaii Pacific University as a sophomore due to IB transfer credits. This is, however, my first semester ever at college. Next semester, spring 09, I am suppose to study in Berlin, Germany as an exchange student. I have a presidential scholarship that says in order to use it for study abroad I agree to do certain projects for the school in Fall 09/Spring 10. </p>

<p>The problem is I want to go to Germany but I don't want to be here next year. So my question is do I go to Berlin and be stuck here another year or do I stay here on campus for spring and apply to some better schools for fall 09 semester?</p>

<p>My GPA here is a 4.0, I am in Honors classes, on the deans list, and have a presidential scholarship. </p>

<p>HS GPA was a weighted 4.0 and 3.3 unweighted, ALL ap/ib/honors. SAT was 1140/1600.</p>

<p>Would I be able to transfer as a sophomore to UVA? GWU? Georgetown? UNC? Or UVM?</p>