I need an advice

<p>I plan to take physics and german on the next sat date, but i wonder whether it is a good idea to take world history as well. I am not prepared at all. However, I have some knowledge, because i have been studying history hard in the course of all my school years (5-11 grade). There is a high chance to get a poor score. I plan to study Computer Science, but I just want to show that I have some knowledge in many walks of life and therefore that I am a "well-rounded" person. What are your suggestions?</p>


<p>Focus on physics and German instead, since history has very little to do with compsci. I would suggest doing math 2 at a later date, however. Colleges like 2 SAT IIs, but German is usually a side SAT II that’s not looked on very heavily. Physics and math 2 would be very good for compsci.</p>