I need as much information on the Siemens Competiton Please

<p>Hello All,</p>

<p>I was at my laboratory and I happened to see the Siemens webpage open, and I decided to have a look. I started looking more into the competition and I think it is a really cool event.
Now, I'm wondering if I should participate.</p>

<p>You see, I looked on youtube-browsing around and looking for sample research projects that made it to the national competition. I then realized that these kids are amazing. I'm not sure if my research will make it to nationals, but I still want to give it a go.</p>

<p>Let me give you a brief overview of what were researching in my lab and you can tell me what you think: </p>

<p>• From previous studies performed in our lab, we have revealed that neurons express glutamate receptors. Our aim is figure out if these receptors are active or functional. In doing so, we can determine how these glutamatergic and cholinergic neurons are affected in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease. We can also use this model to better study the effects of Alzheimer on the brain.</p>

<p>We're going to use a technique in electrophysiology. In additon, we're going to use pharmological tools to test if glutamatergic receptors are active.</p>

<p>Once we figure all of that out, we can apply this to the way Alzheimers is treated. </p>

<p>So, is this a good project? Do I have a good chance?
I want to point one more thing: I'm a minority (African-American female), and I didn't see any african-americans finalist in the competition..should I be worried (LOL)
Also I'm working with a mentor at a University.</p>

<p>all advice, comments, help is completely WELCOMED!!!!!</p>

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<p>Please! bump, bump i need advice</p>

<p>Hi there, I'm also doing the Siemens competition (individual) this year and compared to your project (and others) mine doesn't require a deep knowledge of genetics or anything. Also I noticed a lot of people are working in a lab and working on the lab's/mentor project (which is normally pretty advanced of course) while mine is just an idea I came up with and I'm using lab equipment to work on it so it's basically what I myself know about the subject :/ (i think that hurts my chances a lot). Anyways my point is that you have an excellent chance because your project sounds very useful and complicated (<-which seems to be 50% of it). Good luck! :)</p>

<p>hi, that sounds great. Im also gonna be participating in the competition with a project regarding the role of CREB in Lateral amygdala neurons which allows certain neurons to be recruited into the memory trace. However, the overall technique seems quite repetitive. There doesnt seem to be like a new, exciting technique except for the surgery part of the mouse.</p>