I need gift ideas for teacher

<p>I need to give one of my teacher's a gift, because a "thank you" letter just won't do, because I don't have that kind of a relationship with him; we have more of the kind of relationship where we make fun of each other, have lots of laughs, talk about the ball game, debate politics, ethics, etc. I talk to him a lot after school and so I just don't think a "thank you letter" would do. </p>

<p>He's a really nice guy, in his early 50s, though he can run faster than most people in their 20's. What's a good and appropriate gift. </p>

<p>Oh and by the way, the reason I need to give him a gift is because he wrote me a really, fricken awesome letter of recommendation.</p>

<p>I got my favorite teachers articles of clothing: hats, gloves, scarves.</p>

<p>The risk in that is that you choose a style that he/she doesn't like, or buy a size that doesn't fit.</p>

<p>Edibles are sometimes a good idea, unless that person is not a fan of sweets or is watching his/her diet.</p>

<p>You COULD just tell him that you really appreciate everything he's done on your behalf and shake his hand.</p>

<p>That's what I plan to do, since I bought my teachers stuff for Christmas already.</p>

<p>Giving gifts to teachers? I was unaware of this phenomenon. Anyway, I'd go with getting him a meal from McDonald's, some sort of happy meal with a toy inside. It would be funny.</p>

<p>You guys talk about ethics? Create a book that contradicts anything about it directly in a parodying manner - only if you're a strong writer or satirist. You could also be real cheeky and autograph a baseball "so he could remember you."</p>

<p>Usually the best gifts are the ones that come from an event that was special, but often forgotten due to the little thing we call life.</p>

<p>And I love iwaswalking's idea haha XD</p>

<p>I think my family usually gives starbucks or borders gift cards.</p>

<p>"i have that kind of relationship with him"</p>

<p>haha sorry, had to point out how awkward that sounded.</p>

<li><p>Give him or her a gift card to a book store...teachers usually buy a lot of books.</p></li>
<li><p>Give him or her a half-eaten donut.</p></li>

<p>Someone's got a crush on the teacher!</p>

<p>Courtney, Cono...I'm not sure if you're just some high school freshman teen girls with hormones jumping off the roof and who think they live "somewhere over the rainbow," but come back to earth, mature up.</p>

<p>Anyways, iwaswalking, I like your idea too, it's pretty funny. I haven't given any of my teachers a gift since 5th grade, but he wrote me like an amazing and really touching letter of recommendation that was really critical in getting me into some very good schools, so I think it's kind of necessary I show him some appreciation outside the normal thanks and a handshake.</p>

<p>We do discuss books a lot, so I think that I might get him a borders gift card. But he does like sports a lot, so I might get him something sports related. I'm not sure, but thanks for helping me out everyone--even Courtney and Cono too, you both have reminded me how diction is very important in a potentially very immature atmosphere.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>horniness? its a joke. wow people on CC apparently can't take perverted jokes. if i said that in "real life" people would laugh. im pretty sure being a freshman has nothing to do with it. a senior would say it to, its not a matter of immaturity but a matter of a sense of humor. get out some more.</p>