i need good advice on usc and rutgers..but quick

<p>I am an international student and applied for fall 2010 chemical engineering (MS). i have admits from Rutgers and USC (university of southern california). I have to reply to USC before june 30th mainly because they begin sooner and the visa process takes time...but i canot decide whether i should tke usc or rutgers. anyone with good advice please help me here

<p>I would go with USC</p>

<p>thanks for the reply
any reason in particular mate for tht call? u into chem engg too?
i am looking at job scenes too when comparing in fact tht is most imp to me</p>

<p>USC...cuz it's awesome to be a Trojan. USC is just a better school.</p>

<p>USC is a better school I'd say, especially for engineering.</p>

<p>Yes, USC is better.</p>