I need guidance and advice please!

<p>I'm currently a junior, and I took my first SAT on the 28th. Projected scores aren't stellar, but I'm planning on taking it two more times,but I'm experiencing a few dilemmas: 1. When should I take my 2nd SAT? Like many of you, I have a few AP classes. Currently I'm in 3, 2 honors classes, and 2 extra sciences. I'll be taking the AP exam in May, so should I take my second SAT in June, and my third in October? Also I really want to take an SAT 2 test, as I plan on applying to schools such as UCBerkeley, Cornell, Emory, and a few others. I really want to take SAT 2 Bio test, and possibly something else, but don't know when I'll have time to take it? 2. My counselors are really urging me to do dual enrollment, and the town that I live in is very small in population, and our school doesn't offer many AP classes so I'm not sure what I should do. Most "good" school don't allow one to transfer the credits from what I've heard. If I don't do dual enrollment, then next year I'm planning to take: AP Biology(if it's available), I'll have the choice of either ap us history or ap world history, ap literature, physics, possibly ap Calc or ap stat. Those are pretty much all the classes I'll be able to take. What should I do as far as SAT 1, SAT 2s,and classes to stay on track to get into these schools? Help me please. Can someone please help me devise a schedule, plan, or something to make sure I do everything needed to reach my goals? Advice, or anything would be great:)</p>