I Need Guidance from those of you have SAT/college experience.

<p>I took the SAT on March 1 without prep and got a 1960. Im more of an ACT guy and am disappointed by a 27 as my highest. I want to go to medical school (six or seven year program right out of high school) or a pre med school. Based on this score, where is a good college where i can apply without being too ambitious.</p>

<p>there's a 6-7 year program at penn state (though its a state university im sure the accelerated medical program is somewhat competitive to enter but not too ambitious): Penn</a> State Eberly College of Science | Premedical-Medical Program </p>

<p>by the way if you posted this in a different part of the forum you might get more responses, this is mostly an sat improvement and discussion forum</p>

<p>try pomona. its a liberal arts college near los angeles. they supposedly have the highest percentage of people going to med schools. remember that med schools have high possibility of accepting people who have a well rounded background (evidence: majority of UCLA-ers who got into med school were of english majors)</p>

<p>hope this helps :D</p>