I need help deciding what is the best path to take

So I am currently undeclared, but I’ve been thinking on studying business or economics. My dad has told me that computer science is the future so I was thinking on potentially minoring in CS and majoring in either business or economics. Is that a good mix? Should I swap it and major in CS and minor in business or economics? I just need some tips on what would be the best way to go about this to have a successful career. Thanks so much!

Only you can decide which is better from an interest/enjoyment level, from purely a statistics level standpoint; computer science has a better avg. starting salary and better chance at employment but a good GPA from a good school in either area will get you a job.

Have you taken classes in all of these disciplines? If not, I suggest you take some classes to get a better idea of where your aptitudes lie. In general, I’d say CS will be the most employable field.