I Need Help From Someone In Cornell!!!

<p>i applied to CALS, and i want to pursue most probably pre-med, however, i no all you have to do is fulfill the pre-med requirements when applying to med school, and then it would be in the students best interest to take courses that interests he/she most outside the pre-med studies. lets say i want to minor in asian lit (i dont even no if this exists, but for example) which is in arts and sciences, would i be able to? would i have enough credits for outside schools...i heard u can have at most 60 credits outside, how many do most people use on the core classes? shall i rephrase the ques????
cause i really wanna no!!!</p>

<p>You can take more than 55 credits from private schools from the public schools, but you will be charged extra for each credit. And, you can only major in a major offered by your college. Does that answer your question?</p>

<p>can u minor in something not in ur school?</p>